Make the move to Microsoft 365

Any major changes to the IT setup of a company, like migrating emails and accounts from one platform to
another, may seem like a daunting task. However, with help from our team of experts, the process is
easier than ever before. You can start today to make your business more productive tomorrow.

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Switching was never this easy

We can handle the migration process for you from start to finish, with no downtime for your business. Get in touch and you can leave the rest up to us.
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Migration Options

Option 1

You manage

Your business manages the migration operation itself. Every step of the way, from start to finish, you’re in control.

Option 2

We help you
where you need it

BMIT will manage certain aspects of the migration that you deem necessary. Whether it’s setting up the tenant’s mailbox, moving data or using certain tools – let us know and we’ll help.

Option 3

You let us manage the whole thing

We’ll discuss the details with your
company and then handle the whole process. From a thorough discovery phase to project management and provisioning, you’ll be in safe hands.

Security in mind

If apart from productivity your business requires enhanced security features, we suggest you look into what’s offered in Microsoft 365 Business Premium. It includes Windows 10, the whole package of Office 365, and on top of that – Enterprise Mobility + Security, a mobility management and security platform.

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Supercharge your productivity suite

with Office 365 for Enterprise 

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