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Technology and IT solutions are a critical component to financial services operators as they work to constantly improve their customer services, while optimising costs and offer innovative products.

At BMIT Technologies we can tap into our expertise, skills and experience in offering solutions to financial services operators to help you address one or more of these challenges.

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Banks, insurance companies, fintechs, financial advisors, stockbrokers and any organisation involved in providing financial services have to comply with stringent regulatory obligations in relation to data management. Additionally, they constantly need to modernise their IT infrastrucuture and move away from legacy systems to hybrid IT set-ups. Finally they also need to ensure that their cybersecurity systems, policies and procedures are top notch, as they seek new ways to operate. 

Talk to us to see how we can help you balance your requirements for IT infrastructure refresh and compliance obligations, while moving in a sustained manner towards a truly modern IT set-up.

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As a regulated investment services business, we take the business of providing continuous service to our customers seriously. Our business, like most others, is nowadays dependent on our IT infrastructure. Ensuring its continuous operation and the availability of information is of paramount importance. In this context, we have evaluated various options to streamline the IT operational support function whilst ensuring continued compliance with regulatory requirements. BMIT provided us with an optimal solution on the business continuity and disaster recovery side which includes secure backups at their data centres and the management of the business continuity process. Both BMIT’s commercial and technical teams have satisfied our expectations in terms of the quality of service provided, in their advice and also in ensuring that the business continuity mechanisms are constantly operational.

Vincent E Rizzo
Director at Rizzo, Farrugia & Co. (Stockbrockers) Ltd


How can we help?

Our range of solutions coupled with many years experience providing assistance to heavily regulated industries allows us to address the many IT challenges that your organisation might require. Key areas we can assist include:


Data retention, including ensuring compliance with backup and restore requirements


Assistance to define, deploy and manage business continuity and disaster recovery processes and systems


Strong and protected online presence – to ensure that your sites and apps are always-on, perform well and are secured against malicious attacks


A wide range of tools that allow your employees to work and collaborate in an effective, productive and secure manner, wherever they are


A toolbox of security solutions and technologies aimed at your core IT infrastructure, systems and tools


Help re-define your IT set-up to a hybrid one, possibly with geographic redundancy, for increased security and enhanced performance


Tap on the benefits of a multi-cloud environments, for specific workloads


Provide intelligent automation solutions for your customer support, including virtual assistant solutions

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Our company has been looking for solutions to host our company e-commerce with minimal interruptions, and to keep a backup of our critical data outside our premises. BMIT have offered us amazing services with an uninterrupted uptime and great care. Their professional team has gone beyond their way to help us with whatever we required.

Middlesea Insurance plc
at A member of Mapfre Group, Middlesea is licensed by the MFSA

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