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Managed Backup for M365

Our managed backup solution includes storage, infrastructure, the necessary backup license as well as monitoring and alerting of storage limits and back up job failures.

We also make available a team of expert engineers, who will configure, maintain and manage the whole solution set up.

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Managed Backup

Eliminate unnecessary workload from your IT staff, to configure, maintain and monitor the infrastructure. To back up your data you need storage, infrastructure to process the backup tasks and resources to monitor these tasks. This costs money and quite time-consuming to maintain. BMIT Technologies is offering a managed solution by skilled engineers to address these needs.

Retention Policies

Deciding on the best retention policy for your organisation can be tiresome. This solution allows you to make use of our defined retention policies suited to balance storage and restore points to be able to recover the required items at a particular timestamp.

Scalable Solution

Scalability is of utmost importance as your organisation grows so does your data. With versatility of this solution, it allows you to upgrade the plan or purchase additional storage or support as required.

Why do you need backup for M365?

Microsoft provides “version history” and the ability to restore a document but this does not mean that Microsoft is backing up your data. Microsoft has different retention policies; anything beyond is not recoverable. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure your data is being backed up.
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What's included?

Depending on the plan the organisation has contracted, each user will get an amount of storage. This amount will be added in a storage pool for the organisation’s subscription; therefore, the limits apply per organisation and not per user. Should the organisation require more storage, additional storage can be added as required.

A default retention policy is available per plan per organisation. The defined retention policy will be assigned according to the chosen plan by the customer. The minimum amount of years is configured to accommodate the retention documents requirement set out by local and European regulators.

BMIT Technologies engineers will create a tenant for the organisation on the BMIT Technologies infrastructure. We will then proceed to gather any information from you as required, including credentials to connect with your Microsoft tenant. Once this information is attained, the configuration is done, and the initial run is started.

Our engineers will closely monitor the initial run and report any failures or progress, as necessary. They will also monitor and alert you of storage limits as well as failed backup jobs.

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What sets us apart from the rest?

What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.

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