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when choosing BMIT for your cloud infrastructure

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Self-service deployment

Deploy the required compute, storage, web applications, network, and security resources that you require in a simple self-service platform

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Take advantage of the cloud flexibility to refresh your hardware. Also giving flexibility to your users to securely access critical LOB resources from anywhere.

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Scale depending on your business needs when required saving you time and money

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Cost Saving

Deploy the required resources and use the right model for your business from pay per use or pay in advance.

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Auto scale your resource to meet your business demands allowing you to perform and be cost effective.

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Create development and testing environments at low cost.

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Disaster Recovery

Create your Virtual Data Centre (VDC) for disaster recovery with integrated backup options available.

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Enable Hybrid Infrastructure to get the best of technology, simply connect your office / DC infrastructure to BMIT cloud

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Move to the cloud

Move your Internal IT infrastructure to the cloud allowing access to productivity and security features from Tier 1 providers.

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Develop your apps using containers and make use of the leading container orchestration tools available.

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Cloud IaaS

We can carry out the labor-intensive tasks like hardware maintenance and refresh, to allow you to focus your business resources better.

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Managed Service

Let us manage your cloud environment – allowing you to save resources and time to focus on your customers

azure stack hub

Power of local

We understand the value in staying local. We offer Azure Stack Hub services to our customers in Malta, so you can meet regulatory & compliance requirements while still deploying Azure.

Azure Stack Hub has been deployed in our data centres in Malta, and allows for a subset of Azure services to be deployed and consumed locally. Talk to us to see how you can benefit.

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Low-cost for startups

IaaS has become the more economical choice for young businesses and budding ideas because it sidesteps the cost of setting up and managing an actual physical data center.

Quicker product innovation

Users experience your new ideas faster since an IaaS setup takes just minutes/hours versus weeks/months. Your team can forget about infrastructure and focus on delivering apps.

Ensures business continuity

Investing in IaaS can make your business more reliable and highly available as higher processing power reduces breaks in production. Plus, less troubleshooting of hardware and software issues.

Responds to your needs

IaaS lets you address business spikes and dips by scaling resources up and down. You can even access data and apps after disasters or outages at lower costs, since IaaS requires fewer resources.

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managed services

Hassle-free management

You can choose from a range of BMIT Managed Services such as Infrastructure management, System Administration, Firewall-as-a-Service, Load Balancer-as-a-Service and more.

Allowing you to use your resources for your core business and leave the tedious, labour intensive tasks to our team of experts. Let’s start saving you money and time talk to us.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Gain extra 

DRaaS allows you to maintain a quasi-identical replica of your server in an offsite facility, enabling hot swaps in case of any failures in your original setup. This means less downtime for your business and no loss of data.

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Backup your Cloud resources

Getting your cloud resources backed up couldn’t be any easier if you’re already on the BMIT public cloud platform or are looking into moving your data on it. We’ll provide the license as well as the storage required for all your backup needs.

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BMIT Managed DDoS Shield

Be prepared, against malicious attacks

Don’t let a DDoS attack disrupt your business. BMIT Managed DDoS Shield brings together strong managed capabilities, technology and tools to provide protection tailored to your business’ unique requirements. Because you can't afford to be caught off guard.

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Make the switch to IaaS

Our team will help you design, set up, manage and monitor all that your IaaS includes, allowing you more flexibility and time to focus on your business and customers.

Protecting your data and apps

IaaS is great way to tackle your disaster recovery needs, and also enhances your security posture. Contact our experts to learn more about these systems and their management.
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