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We appreciate that connectivity is critical for any of our customers and in this context we have invested and built an exclusive, international private network, linking all our data centre sites, and the Internet. We have partnered with leading local and international carriers and Tier 1 global IP providers, to ensure optimal performance and service delivery. We can now truly provide you with unmatched connectivity options, both at our data centres and beyond.



Use of a managed, private network, designed as a fully protected, dual-homed, high-speed network, linking all BMIT facilities in Malta, Italy and Germany

Access to at least 40Gbps of Internet connectivity, a result of our close collaboration with Level 3 and TeliaSonera

Protection offered via our multi-tiered, industry leading DDOS protection and mitigation solution

Greater choice, flexibility, network resilience, cost-saving and speed to market

International network
IP connectivity
Our two datacentres in Malta and our datacentre presence in Italy and Germany are interlinked using high-capacity and high-speed private leased circuits, therefore ensuring top network performance. Additionally, each location is dual-homed and visible across the network, ensuring full redundancy throughout. We have teamed with leading carriers in Malta and across Europe to achieve this unique set-up.

BMIT’s network in connected to the Internet through two leading, global providers, TeliaSonera and Level 3. These Tier 1 carriers has been selected on the basis of their outstanding quality of service and performance.

Finally, we have invested in an advanced, multi-tiered, DDOS protection and mitigation set-up to provide protection to the network and also to our customers.
IP connectivity is provisioned from leading global Tier 1 providers, including TeliaSonera and Level 3, through our own international private network. Network and connectivity are protected by an advanced DDOS protection and mitigation set-up, that protects customers and the network. This gives you the fully-redundant, business-grade Internet access you need, without the expense and complexity of dealing with multiple providers.

Additionally, BMIT’s inter-site connectivity allows you to connect multiple sites or access third-party services. For this, each of our clients can provided with connectivity over our network or through private Ethernet circuits over a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. This offers a great deal of flexibility in allowing us to divert and route traffic around link failures, congestion and bottlenecks, leading to superior results for you and your clients.
If you require broadband connectivity to your office, or between offices, we can help!

Our connectivity suite includes a choice of high-speed Broadband services, as well as fibre connectivity for fastestspeeds at highest resilience.

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