DDoS Protection & Mitigation

Reducing the risk of a DDoS bringing your organisation to a standstill

Being offline, or having down time, is probably not an option for your business. Unfortunately, a malicious attack on your website or online infrastructure could limit or deny access for hours or days. BMIT’s DDoS protection and mitigation service ensures this never happens.

What is DDoS?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are malicious attacks aimed at specific businesses, with the purpose of degrading access or put offline, sites, servers and applications. Such attacks are usually done through compromised devices, for example botnets, with the purpose of flooding the target with traffic.

How do we address this?

At BMIT, we operate a multi-tiered DDOS protection and mitigation set-up, built on years of experience in handling such threats. Our DDOS solution forms an integral part of our network, therefore ensuring that both our international network and our customers are protected. Our solution protects a wide range of attacks, and also handles volumetric attacks, during which massive amounts of data would be targeting the site or servers.

Partnering with global leaders

The ever-changing nature of DDOS attacks, including those involving very high-volumes of traffic, necessitate a continuous investment in technology, people and infrastructure, and in this context we have collaborated with leading providers such as Arbor Networks and CenturyLink to deploy an all-encompassing solution.

Various options for protection and, if necessary, mitigation, take place at different levels, therefore ensuring prompt and effective results aimed at keeping you online, all time!

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Key Benefits

We provide a multi-tiered system, protected against link flooding
We provide a dedicated setup, exclusively to stop DDoS attacks
You are assured of our DDoS mitigation expertise, with extremely experienced engineers working on this 24x7
We offer multi-homed protection, protecting all of your bandwidth worldwide

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