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Cybersecurity Awareness

BMIT’s Security Awareness tools and training solutions are your resource for arming your organisation and employees against cyber threats.

Our cybersecurity discovery assessment and security awareness programme empower both your business and employees with the knowledge and training that safeguards data, prevents insider threats, and ensures compliance. In this space, vigilance meets practicality, where every click and decision plays a vital role in your cybersecurity strategy.

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Building resilience with BMIT

Businesses face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats that can disrupt operations, compromise sensitive data, and damage reputations. To combat these risks, BMIT has developed two powerful tools: a cutting-edge cybersecurity discovery tool based on the industry-leading Centre for Internet Security’s controls (v8) and a comprehensive security awareness programme.

Cyber Discovery Assessment Tool
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BMIT Security Awareness Programme
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Cybersecurity Discovery Assessment Tool

BMIT's Cybersecurity Discovery Assessment enables businesses to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and security risks within their IT enterprise. Our assessment, based on the CIS v8’s 18 controls, takes a step-by-step approach to help you understand what your business, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management needs are.

By identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and weak points, the tool enables targeted remediation efforts to bolster your organisation's overall security posture.

BMIT Security Awareness Programme

BMIT’s security awareness programme is a proactive approach to educate and empower employees about cyber threats, safe online practices, and the role they play in safeguarding the business.

By fostering a security-conscious culture, organisations can significantly reduce the likelihood of falling victim to common cyberattacks, such as phishing, social engineering, and malware infiltration.

BMIT’s interactive training, simulated exercises, and engaging content, gives your team the knowledge and skills needed to identify and thwart potential threats effectively.

Benefits of security awareness training

Employees can unknowingly expose the business to cyber threats.

Both intentional and accidental insider actions can harm the business.

Non-compliance with data protection regulations can lead to hefty fines and reputation damage.

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Creating a Cyber-Resilient Organization

When combined, our cybersecurity discovery assessment tool and security awareness programme form a formidable partnership that can transform your business into a cyber-resilient fortress.

By first understanding your business through the cybersecurity discovery assessment followed by cultivating a security-aware workforce, you establish a robust defence against cyber threats, proactively reducing the likelihood of successful attacks and minimising their potential impact.

With this dual approach, you can build a culture of security readiness, understand what the challenges are, and enable your employees to become your first line of defence and invaluable assets in safeguarding your digital assets.

Together, they create a powerful synergy that fosters a cyber-resilient environment.

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