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AI-powered, multilingual Virtual Agent which allows for superior customer engagment and relationship: conversion and onboarding, AML and customer support open 24/7, 365 days at no extra cost.

What is BMIT Technologies Virtual Agent?

The BMIT Technologies Virtual Agent is an additional resource in your customer service team that has the skills to handle requests and tasks on your behalf, as if it was a human agent. This results in improved customer experience, churn reduction and improved productivity. It also seamlessly integrates with various industry leading CRMs such as Salesforce, ZenDesk, Freshchat and several others.

The more the Virtual Agent is used the more it improves its capabilities over time and also learns new processes, thanks to the AI capabilities it possesses. Additionally, once it realises that the conversation becomes too complex for it to handle it, this is automatically handed over to a human agent to swiftly react to the requirements.

The Virtual Agent also provides a full reporting feature to report back the customers satisfaction and sentiment for you to keep on improving your customer services processes.

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“It’s been a month and half since when we introduced the VA Claire, and the queries and dialogs have already become 10 (from 3, at the product launch). The VA can provide answers and has also introduced automation such as, for example, the forwarding of queries for missing markets/events from the offer to the related department, skipping the part where the agent should make that request and speeding the whole process for the publishing of those markets/events previously missing from the offer. Moreover, when there is a specific question – for which Claire hasn’t learnt the answer yet– the VA still identifies the customer and gathers the info about the issue: this is very important help, to reduce the waiting time for the customer and to facilitate the whole process to reach the goal of providing the resolution to specific customer queries”

Dalia Pecingina
Head of CX
StanleyBet Group
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no more communication barriers

No more communication barriers

Easily engage with customers all over the world through different languages, channels and devices.

Manage your global customer network interactions through different mediums and grow your relationships with the Virtual Agent's supported native languages. The Virtual Agent can also be incorporated with any platform including Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and Alexa. Engage with users on-the-go whether through their smartphone, wearable or voice-activated assistant.

Ease your onboarding processes

Delight your customers from the moment they come through the door. The Virtual Agent welcomes, onboards and get to know your customers without long forms. The whole process is personalised to optimise conversion and cut drop off rates, in-line with compliance regimes.

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Improve customer engagement

Our Virtual Agents use natural language technology to offer a customer experience that leaves the customer happy while getting you the right business results. Virtual Agents typically reduce inbound traffic to customer support teams by up to 80%.

improve customer engagement

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What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.

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