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Matthias Attard

Mar 21, 2022

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Matthias Attard

Mar 21, 2022

Key Differentiators to look for in a Data Centre

At the heart of every business operation lies a backend infrastructure that is as important as running the business operations. Data Centre Services provide customers with peace of mind by enabling them to focus on their business whilst abstracting the complexity involved in deploying, operating and managing complex IT solutions.

At BMIT Technologies we do this by bringing together our best-in-class infrastructure and a talented team of people with expertise across various technologies, to deliver a portfolio which spans across three inter-linked categories of services which form the basis for our IT-as-a-Service offering.

BMIT Technologies is a public company, listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. With over 17 years of experience, we are Malta’s longest established data centre services operator, running multiple facilities and with the largest in terms of total rack footprint and market share.

Why us? Key differentiators to alternative providers


We have been offering datacentre services for more than 17 years and today host hundreds of customers, from very large operators to small start-ups coming from diverse industries including online gaming, financial services, technology and more. Our scale and experience provide us with a sound understanding of the needs from both a technology and regulatory perspective. Our expertise does not stop at hosting, or co-location of full racks, half racks or just U sizes, but extends to provide a wide range of datacentre services, management of infrastructure, hybrid set-ups and much more.


We are the only data centre in Malta to operate two data centre facilities, both of which are PCI-DSS and ISO27001 certified and staffed 24x365. This enables us to offer our customers various colocation deployment scenarios (including single-site deployments, active-passive disaster recovery (DR), active-active geo redundant deployments) and at the same time increases the resiliency of our services since our sites are interconnected to further minimise the possibility that a single site remains isolated from an internet connectivity outage. In turn, our datacentres are inter-connected to points of presence we have in Germany and Italy, through our high-speed, private international network.

Private International High-speed Network

Our private network interconnects our data centre in Malta and our international points-of-presence  in Italy and Germany over multiple fibres and geographical routes and is protected by ourmulti-tier DDOS mitigation system – called BMIT Managed  DDOS Shield. This network is a fully redundant, fibre network which utilises multiple submarine links from Malta to mainland Europe and also via multiple links being provided by Lumen, Telecom Italia Sparkle, GTT, Fastweb and other providers. In order to ensure unparalleled internet connectivity quality and performance, IP bandwidth is provided via two leading Tier 1 global IP providers, Lumen and Telia Carrier, also in a redundant manner. This unique approach provides our customers with greater choice, flexibility, network resilience, cost-saving and speed to market – by integrating IP services from multiple providers, our customers have the fully-redundant, business-grade Internet access they need, without the expense and complexity of dealing with multiple providers.

Technical Expertise and Focus

We employ a team of  professionals who hold multiple technology certifications and vendor-qualifications (including Microsoft, Azure, VMware and Cisco), and are fully focused on delivering data centre and cloud services. This enables us to make available a span of technical expertise to our customer – from design, to implementation, to ongoing support.

Public, Private and Hybrid-Cloud Enabler

We operate multiple local public cloud platforms, including Azure Stack Hub.  These are offered together with a range of private cloud solutions, as well as hybrid set-ups for an increasing number of customers.  Our MultiCloud Connect quickly enables hybrid cloud scenarios, interconnecting any private infrastructure hosted in our facilities to public cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and many others.  This approach is a best-of-breed approach since it allows customers to benefit from the facilities of global cloud providers, whilst ensuring that critical data and resources are hosted and  stored in Malta. At the same time our partnership with Microsoft also enables us to offer Microsoft-hosted public cloud services including Azure and Microsoft 365 (and what previously were Office 365) services.  Finally our special relationship with HPE and Microsoft, including our several Gold Status credentials provide us the ability to design and implement private cloud infrastructures

With businesses increasingly dependent on the internet connectivity, data centres are a vital component of the global economy and every business in operation. Data center facilities are more than just a safe and secure facility with space that is equipped with reliable power, and internet connectivity. Hosting services have become a valuable addition to many businesses as they prove to be a dependable extension of their IT team. That is why data centers in modern business set up are increasingly becoming an essential factor for success.

How Can BMIT Technologies Help?

Every client we work with requires different solutions. So, we tackle each need with our expertise in technology, business strategy, and innovation. As a Malta-based company, at BMIT, we rely on our expertise in data centres, cloud solutions, and productivity solutions to enable your company to reach new heights.

Want to learn more about data centres? Contact us, and one of our experts will reach out and guide you accordingly.

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