Using The Cloud To Power Your Business – Morning Briefing Event

On Wednesday the 26th of June 2013 a group of like-minded people met up at 8.45 sharp at the Microsoft Innovation Centre, for tea and an insight into BMIT’s latest developments. Nick Tonna, Chief Commercial Officer at BMIT took centre stage to kick-start the event.

Nick Tonna - The cloud comes Local …

BMIT, the leading provider of data centre and cloud services in Malta, has, over the years, built a portfolio of customers who trust it with their data and data setups as part of their operations. “Putting data in the hands of a service provider can be a leap of faith for some customers. With 80% of our staff focused purely on customer service, this is an area we take very seriously” – Nick Tonna.

Today BMIT also offers a range of cloud services home to the local market. This allows customers to take advantage of features and services that would otherwise cost a fortune, take up a huge amount of space and require a team of people to maintain.

BMIT offers a full-cycle service which facilitates the take-up of such cloud products. It’s team sizes-up the ideal solution based on the customer’s circumstances and if needed, it partners up with other companies to provide bespoke solutions. Through the selection of BMIT, the customer is making a safe investment, reducing the IT management needed to run an organisation without compromising on security, speed or agility.

Introducing iMovo’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM …

Pierre Mallia

Pierre Mallia, iMovo

Pierre Mallia and Daniela Castillo took centre stage next to introduce iMovo’s customer relationship manager software suite (CRM). The CRM is built to enhance the quality of your day-to-day jobs. Put more simply:

People + Process + Technology = Customer Relationship Management

This CRM is integrated with the cloud and helps you manage your customers. It can help streamline customer acquisition, relationships, loyalty, value and reflection. The user-friendly system is completely configurable and is designed to accommodate and integrate with other services, systems and software seamlessly.

Ultimately CRM is not about managing customers but managing relationships” – Pierre Mallia.

iMovo delved deeper by demonstrating some key software features of some add-ons that can be integrated to the CRM, such as Click Dimensions.

Daniela Castillo

Daniela Castillo, iMovo

Imagine all email-marketing, web tracking, social media and event calendars located all in one place - presented with much more information than you would find using traditional tools. ClickDimensions, is a powerful marketing automation solution intended to consolidate all your key tools in one simple dashboard. Add to this even more marketing functionality such as nurture-marketing, trending and conversions it becomes clear that the power of this tool is undeniable, and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

eCabs & The Cloud ...

For the final part of the morning Nick Tonna introduced the director of eCabs, Matthew Bezzina, one of Malta’s top taxi firms that has been established for just over 3 years and is now a household name. The eCabs system is based completely on the BMIT Cloud and iMovo’s CRM system. To be successful in what was already a very saturated market, eCabs had to embrace technology in order to be effective in the market.

Matthew Bezzina

Matthew Bezzina, eCabs

eCabs integrated its CRM system into existing technology that it already owned, such as its communication network. For example, the PABX and CRM are inter-linked such that when the phone rings, the team at eCabs would already know who the client is and have all customer details on screen allowing a personalised greeting and service.

In a similar way, as they utilise cloud and web based solutions, all this information can be brought up on any machine, tablet or smartphone with a connection removing all limitations and opening up access and information for any member of staff anytime, anywhere. This gives eCabs an advantage over its competitors and ensures that eCabs original goals remain at the centre of its mission: “to be completely customer focused.”

Nick closed the morning with a well-timed and well-structured statement: “Cloud services and cloud computing allow you to focus on what is really important – your business”.

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