Cloud computing and cloud services aren’t going anywhere. In fact, their popularity is fast on the rise – and for good reason. Public cloud offers an affordable way to do almost anything on line.

They are the perfect entry point to start your journey towards shifting your capital expenditure into operational expenditure. Whilst paying only for what you use or commit on a predictable monthly cost model, you are able to save on IT expenses and invest your money right into your core business needs instead.

The flexibility offered by this way of working, makes it ideal for the huge majority of our customers out there. Whether you are an individual operating from home, or a global organisation with complex IT needs, our Public Cloud services can be dynamically scaled to meet your needs, allowing you to pay as you go having no wasted resources whatever your requirements are.

Key Benefits

Cloud Servers And Storage

data centre solution Malta
Cloud Server

Configure your cloud server to your needs, use it on-demand & pay as you go...

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VPS Malta
VMware VPS

Order and/or customise your own virtual machine

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mini VPS Malta

Entry-level VPS, ideal for low spec requirements including hosting or application testing

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Online storage partition that enables you to upload sensitive data to keep a backup as required

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cloud backup malta
BMIT Cloud Backup

Software solution that automates the back-up of data stored on computers and/or servers

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Cloud Applications

Office 365
Office 365

From home to business, from desktop to web and the devices in between, Office 365 delivers the tools to get work done efficiently.

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Microsoft Exchange Malta
Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email

A communication & collaboration solution that allows you to efficiently access email, calender contacts & more...

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Business Intelligence Malta
Business Intelligence Solutions

Tap into and maximise the value of your data resources through customisable BI solutions

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Cloud Application Bundles

Cloud services combined together to meet different requirements whilst always aiming to offer great value for money

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Web Hosting Malta
Web Hosting

Our hosting plans offer you an affordable and reliable hosting solution, to help you create and maintain your websites in an easy way

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Hybrid Could Malta
DNS Hosting

With DNS services, your domain name's DNS information is distributed to various servers around the world. Our DNS service allows you to manage all your domains via a single Control Panel

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Related Products

Private Cloud Malta
Private Cloud

Benefit from a dedicated cloud set-up, exclusively for your business requirements

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Hybrid Could Malta
Hybrid Cloud

Best of both worlds solutions, bridging the functionality and benefits for private and public clouds

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