BMIT + Thunderkick

What I like is that they keep everything simple for us and we are served on a silver plate – allowing us to do what we do best.

Andreas Beskow
CIO, Thunderkick

Meet the client

Thunderkick is an independent casino game supplier that takes pride in its reputation for developing innovative and engaging slot games. Their commitment to delivering top-notch and entertaining casino games is the driving force behind everything they do.

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The Challenge

Thunderkick, an independent casino game supplier, faced challenges in pivoting their business model from social casinos to real money gaming. This shift necessitated a Malta Gaming Authority license and a reliable hosting partner, leading them to seek BMIT's expertise. Their primary challenge was to establish a robust, compliant, and efficient technological infrastructure to support this new direction.
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How we helped the client

BMIT's Technical Expertise and Solutions

BMIT played a pivotal role in Thunderkick's transition by providing professional hosting services and technical solutions. They offered a full rack in Handaq with offsite replication in Smart City, ensuring business continuity from day one. This setup enabled Thunderkick to focus on their core business while BMIT handled the technical complexities.

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Proactive Business Continuity Support

Over the years, BMIT has been instrumental in maintaining business continuity for Thunderkick. They offered proactive technical solutions, responsive support, and committed to providing the best solutions keeping redundancy and backups in mind. This included services like M365 licenses and M365 backup, streamlining Thunderkick's operations.

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Adapting to Rapid Technological Changes

BMIT supported Thunderkick in adapting to the rapid changes in the industry and technology. They offered hybrid solutions to accommodate Thunderkick's evolving needs, including infrastructure as code and transitioning services to run in Docker containers. This flexibility and adaptability were key in addressing the dynamic requirements of Thunderkick's business.

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