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We love the results! As a data-first company, working with our Virtual Agent Claire has helped us increase productivity, cut running costs and achieve positive levels of customer satisfaction. We have reduced customers’ waiting time and automated entire workflows to provide a quick resolution to specific customer queries.

Dalia Pecingina
Head of CX, StanleyBet Group

Meet the client

The Stanleybet Group is among the largest iGaming operators in Europe. The company is present in Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, and the UK where it operates in the B2C market with over 2,000 branches and 3,000 employees and collaborators

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The Challenge

Stanleybet experienced a massive increase in player registration, and a shift to digital, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The customer on-boarding process needed to scale up and work seamlessly to prevent customer drop-off.

Player growth created an increase in repetitive queries, stressing the Customer Support agents and leaving little time to nurture relationships. Additionally, a larger language capacity was required, coupled with the evolution of responsible-gaming requirements. Stanleybet recognized they needed to take a data-driven approach.
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How we helped the client

24/7 Customer Support

A solution that never sleeps, goes offline or takes a break. Have customer support always available for your customers.


A method that scales proportionately to an increase/decrease in demand.


Reducing the wait time for response and resolution to differentiate StanleyBet from its competition.

Full Integration

Direct back-office solutions interoperability to provide player data, verification and transaction status.

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