Networking and connectivity for your business

BMIT is a full-service IT solutions provider, with a wide range of products and services that will give you the competitive advantage you need. Our continued investment in network and connectivity services ensures that we can provide you with the right service, with unmatched quality.

Connectivity Services

BMIT’s connectivity services provides you with an exclusive international private network, where high-speed and full-protection are key. Partnering with Tier 1 carriers and global IP providers, you are guaranteed the best connection money can buy, while also saving on costs.

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Wired and Wireless LAN Solutions

Whatever your networking needs, BMIT has the solution, be it wired or wireless, we will help you cut down on network clutter, increase speed and storage, and a better overall user experience. With our wireless and wired LAN solutions you will benefit from efficient access, high-quality infrastructure, as well as our high-level partnerships to better your daily operations.

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DDoS Mitigation

BMIT’s DDoS multi-tiered protection and mitigation services will keep your online infrastructure safe and secure, thanks to the years of experience and dedication of BMIT’s engineers. The services on offer protect against a wide array of attacks and with our multi-homed protection, your bandwidth is protected however you choose to use it.

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Load Balancing Solutions

If you’re looking for a smooth and hitch-free online experience, BMIT is fully equipped to handle and distribute website traffic. In addition, BMIT’s Load Balancer will boost your website’s speed and performance, improving overall efficiency and capacity. The Load Balancer has a number of additional features such as content compression, auto-scaling and more to minimise downtime risks and clustered servers.

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MultiCloud Connect

For faster collaboration, a secure IT infrastructure, and efficient service than look no further than BMIT’s MultiCloud Connect. BMIT links up your infrastructure to one of the top global cloud platforms with quick deployment and 24x7 support in case you need it.

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Intersite Connectivity

Connect multiple sites or access third-party services through a private network

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A full-range of solutions for you

BMIT provides an unmatched range of solutions to its clients, from connectivity, to protection, to a multitude of online infrastructure solutions which will benefit your online presence. Keep things simple and easy, while BMIT does all the hard work for you, with solutions as flexible as your needs.
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Professional experts whenever you need them

BMIT’s team of experts are on hand 24x7 to support you and your online infrastructure no matter what is needed. Backed up by years of experience, as well as partnering with leading global partners, BMIT ensures your business stays ahead of the game and gives you the competitive edge you are looking for.
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What sets us apart from the rest?

What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.

Discover how our services could transform your business’ online efficiency and security

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