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Keep your business going, remotely.

Our secure and quick-to-set-up remote work solution has been specifically architectured by BMIT Technologies for this extraordinary COVID-19 triggered situation.

Designed for quick deployment, with your business requirements in mind. Remote working, or teleworking, however you prefer to call it - you're covered.

You may also now benefit from a grant being offered by Malta Enterprise to assist businesses wishing to enable telework. Up to 45% of total costs, subject to scheme T&Cs.

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Keep your business going remotely

How can our remote work solution help

The current COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way we work. Remote work is on the rise and one of the natural steps in running a business under a outbreak situation. But is your business caught out and has no immediate solution in place to enable remote working / teleworking?

We have developed a quick-to-deploy solution to help you in the immediate and short term, and build the foundations for an eventual long-term solution. Our expert team will not just deliver the cloud setup and anything required under the hood, but also help you in your data migration.

Government Grant Benefits

The Government of Malta, through Malta Enterprise, has announced a series of initiatives to help businesses during this difficult moment for the economy. One such initiative seeks to help business adopt teleworking.

Malta Enterprise will pay a grant to every business, up to €4,000, for costs related to telework incurred between 15th February and 8th May 2020.  There is a 45% capping against total cost, meaning that if you spend €2000, you will be given a grant of €900, wheras if you spent €10,000, you will
be given the full €4,000.

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Key Solution Features

Access on the go

Give access to your employees to office systems and business applications, as if they are still at office.

Remain Productive

Give each employee the ability to telework from home, check emails and be productive

All-Round Protection

 Ensure that your data and systems are secure even though it's accessible via the Internet

Frequent Backups

Ensure that all is backed up, even when running your business remotely.

remote work solution


We set-up the required teleworking infrastructure in the cloud.

We will provide you with the required software and licenses to allow your business to be up and running remotely in the shortest time possible.

We will charge you on a pay-as-you-go model to manage your costs better.

Solution is powered by industry leading technologies provided by  


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What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.

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