MultiCloud Connect

With the adoption of cloud services increasing at a faster rate every year, businesses’ expectations on the performance and ease of use are now higher than ever. Speed, costs, efficiency and security are all critical components for today’s modern organisation.

BMIT MultiCloud Connect bridges the gap between global cloud platforms and the end user, through a private and dedicated connection. Using BMIT’s high speed and resilient international network, BMIT MultiCloud Connect hooks up the infrastructure you might have at one of our data centres in Malta, Italy and Germany, or even at your offices, to your cloud servers or infrastructure at one of the global platforms.


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Globally Connected

We make it simple! If you are looking to have a high-performance connection to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or to one of many other global providers, we help you by providing a one-stop shop service, advising you on what to do, provide you with dedicated connectivity and configure the set-up on your behalf, all in a very short period of time!


Key Benefits

Improved Performance: Improved cloud application performance and lower latency by connecting directly to cloud service providers.

Increased Security: Offers a more secure application environment by deploying applications as on a LAN across DCs

Reduced Cost: Lower total costs of private network connectivity to global cloud service providers

Bypass the public internet. Connect straight to all your cloud service providers. Contact us to know more about BMIT MultiCloud Connect.

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