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Business Cloud Storage: What You Need to Know

Andrea Marino Square

Andrea Marino

Business Technology Advisor

A businessman using a laptop to access his business’s cloud storage.

Data storage and management are vital considerations in your business. Statistics show that by 2025, the total global data creation will be about 180 zettabytes. This figure increased significantly due to Covid-19 when the demand increased as more people worked and learned from home. Fortunately, cloud storage has become a life-saver regarding data storage and access in many businesses. At BMIT, we have solutions to challenges that come with high data volume. In this article, we shall look at four reasons you should consider these services in your company.

The Two Possible Solutions

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is storing files and data, such as videos, photos, documents, and other media, on third-party digital or cloud servers.



  • A lack of control
  • Internet failures lead to costly downtimes
  • Challenges when migrating data to a different cloud service provider

Types of Cloud Storage Services

  • Private - You use your company's intranet for data storage.
  • Public - You use administrative controls to access virtual public cloud storage.
  • Hybrid - This service is a combination of public and private cloud storage.

Data Center

You can create your centre to store data instead of relying on a cloud storage service provider. Nonetheless, this method can cost you substantial money and time.


  • Increased productivity
  • Boosted data security
  • Total system control
  • Enhanced speed and flexibility
  • Lastly, higher scalability


  • High set-up costs
  • Possibility of data loss
  • Tough management

Types of Data Centres

  • Storage Area Networks (SAN) - A SAN data centre uses network hardware fabric and switches, enabling it to connect servers and storage.
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS) - A NAS data centre is the best for file sharing because you access your data via a protocol.

How Can BMIT Help Your Business?

Many business people don't understand where to begin when looking for virtual data storage service providers. BMIT leverages Microsoft Azure and VMware combined with top-notch expertise and professionalism to offer the best cloud file storage environment. You can then enjoy the best on-premise and cloud-based data storage from BMIT. Feel free to contact us today for the best cloud storage assistance.

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