Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure services are an ideal route towards growth and profitability. Added flexibility, scalability and pay-per-use lets you optimise IT resources, save on expenses and invest in your core business needs instead.

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

This complete solution includes computing, storage, web and application servers, networking resources and security - all at manageable costs as you eliminate physical expenses. Enjoy continuous uptime and the ability to scale as your business needs.

Azure IaaS

Get Azure IaaS from BMIT for a giant cloud solution at affordable prices - and friendly, local support whenever you need it. Azure IaaS gives you the resources to speed up deploying apps and sites that scale according to your business demands.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is ideal for your business if you want to enjoy an affordable blend of cloud benefits. Including customization, scalability and reliability, with data recovery for your most sensitive data and operations and the ability to run mission-critical workloads.

Private Cloud

BMIT adds the flexibility and reliability benefits of the cloud to your dedicated infrastructure for a personalised, fully-integrated solution that we manage from start to finish. Ensuring you meet your business goals with high levels of security, reliability and performance.

Dedicated Servers

Meet your growing business needs with exclusive server management, including customisable power and storage resources. Contact BMIT for dedicated servers which are optimized for performance, uptime and security.


BMIT is invested in protecting your business’ most valuable asset - your data. So we partnered with Veeam to provide a customisable backup solution that’s affordable, secure and easy to use. Choose to backup on our cloud, data center or on your premises.

Server and Storage Solutions

Boost your workflow with the flexibility of self-service servers where you adjust your resources according to usage - available on-demand with a pay-per-use model. Combine with remote cloud storage to safeguard your sensitive business data, wherever you are.

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Cloud solutions can be the one-stop store that simplifies your daily business operations. Ideal for minimizing the maintenance and capital costs of infrastructure and/or software.
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The Complete Cloud Solution Suite

Get to know the full set of cloud services BMIT offers, including cloud servers and storage, applications, hosting and more. Click below for more details.
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