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No matter the size of your company, it’s critical to secure your most valuable asset – your data. Our solution allows you to manage all the devices within the organization while also mitigating and preventing threats through security analytics.

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of cyberattacks target SMEs

Moreover, up to 60% of small companies go out of business within 6 months of a cyber attack .

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Secure Employee Devices

Easily and effectively protect your business data at the application level, including your own software and downloaded apps. Provide your employees with flexible options when it comes to managing their own devices, while still adhering to security policies.

Advanced Threat Analysis

Identify issues and vulnerabilities, while also getting the right recommendations to resolve them. Users with potentially risky behaviour can also be highlighted, so you can remediate before your systems are exposed through human error.

Maximise your security

Assess your IT security across its entire digital landscape, including devices, information, apps, and infrastructure. You can compare your data with other similar organisations and receive threat-prioritised insights and guidance.

Work Securely

Safeguard your data with backups

Ensure you’re covered and protected against any possible data loss that may result from both cyber-attacks and even accidents. Our backup solution is the key to assuring business continuity and peace of mind.

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Remote access made simple and secure.

The need for remote working will only increase in time. With our solutions, you will not sacrifice functionality for security. Your team can get secure access based on their individual needs and your policies.

Device Management
Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your data and prevent the risk of identity theft with multi-factor authentication. Experience improved security which does not cause delays or further complexity to your existing system.

Flexible Solutions

We will work with you to select the most appropriate secure access medium, such as VPN, VDI, or RDS. Our team will explain the features of each one, and will guide you based on your needs.

Reduced Attrition
Fit For Purpose

No matter the size of your organisation today and in the future, we provide you with secure access solutions which don’t compromise on security and functionality. Stay in control, even as your business expands locally and internationally.

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Reduce and manage insider risks

The sharp increase of companies adopting “work from home” and “BYOD” policies has not only amplified cyber security challenges such as external threats but also risks within the organisation by trusted employees. Work Securely provides you with the right tools to mitigate these risks and save your organisation time and money.

The solution provides centralisation of data collection and machine learning capabilities to allow organisations to detect anomalies using technology rather than people. All this, without exposing confidential data until it's required by entities such as Legal or HR.

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