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Empower your team to collaborate with seamless syncing in real-time while working with tools they’re already familiar with. Plus, with the right integrations, you can even amplify your productivity and business flexibility.

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2 weeks

of additional productivity per employee per year

Weekly time savings due to improved collaboration and information sharing are around 100 minutes per user. This adds up to over 80 hours’ worth of productivity gains over a year .

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What do you get?

Never too far away

Host audio, video, and web meetings with anyone within or outside organisation and stay connected. Keep conversations organised and ensure your team has easy access to all the files, chats, and apps they need even when they are at home.

Productivity & Collaboration

We will help you leverage and integrate Microsoft 365, the premiere productivity enabler available on the market today. From office applications to communication platforms and storage solutions, your team will be well equipped to work from anywhere.

Unified Communications

We can tap into multiple technologies to integrate your telephony service (from your service provider of choice) into a solid unified communications platform, allowing for ease-of-use, tracking and substantial savings on your hardware investments.

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