Apr 09, 2015

Apr 09, 2015

Which hosting provider?

As the e-gaming industry continues to evolve, operators are constantly seeking new ways of deriving value. With computing and compliance requirements becoming more complex, disentangling the business operation from the IT platform that supports it offers one such opportunity and allows operators to focus resources on where these are needed most: launching innovative solutions and acquiring more customers.

Changes in technology and the growth of a new breed of service providers has undoubtedly increased the potential for cost reduction through outsourcing and hence many operators are today increasingly considering partnering with hosting service providers.

It has become increasingly common for operators to look beyond pure colocation providers and rather seek a strategic partner that can work hand-in-hand to design, implement and possibly also manage their online infrastructures in line with technical, regulatory and financial requirements. This will also give the operator the agility to respond to changes in customer demand and reduce operational risks.

When looking at hosting service providers, it is vital for operators to choose a focused and expert IT partner that can develop a long term relationship.  Such choice is usually a composite of several requirements, with the choice of location being the first of such requirements, with location being first.

1. Location

Malta is synonymous with, and a natural home for online gaming. Over the years the country has developed a gaming ecosystem, which provides for a full spectrum of services aimed at assisting the industry. The strong regulatory frame work in place is a fundamental feature in all this, but the industry has now developed to cater for the full suite of requirements.

2. Solid Infrastructure

Proven and constantly upgraded infrastructure as well as continuous investment in core and ancillary technologies, are a corner store for any reputable data centre. This comprise not just the data centre facilities, but also the ability to offer redundancy across different data centres, the expertise to manage complex requirements in one or several locations as well the quality of the network over which such services are provided.

BMIT obviously ticks all these criteria, and backed by its ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certifications of its data centres, has over recent years continued to make substantial investments in providing top-end hosting services to its wide range of customers.

3. Full suite of IT services

Managing IT effectively has become one of the key skills to master in doing business, allowing gaming operators to capitalise on the enormous amount of data that runs through their systems and deliver a more timely and personalised service to their customers.

While the rapid pace of innovation in the technology available to the gaming industry is exciting proof of its vitality and relevance to the digital economy, the daunting task of having to handle it all by yourself within the organisation is one every owner of a thriving gaming company can relate to.

The truth of the matter is: if you don’t pay enough attention to your IT department instead of running it, IT will run you.

Sinking enormous amounts of capital in setting up, maintaining and periodically upgrading in-house IT infrastructure, as well as the attendant costs of hiring and training personnel, can set back a young and growing gaming company years in terms of achieving profitability, customer reach and the business stature you aspire to within the industry, while competitors soar ahead.

The choice of a hosting provider that can also offer management of IT infrastructure and services is an additional benefit that no operator should exclude as part of choice evaluation.

4. Cloud Services for Gaming operators

Cloud services are now part of the very fabric of modern business and hosting providers play a key role in ensuring that the right offering is in place for gaming operators.

With an increasing number of gaming companies adopting cloud solutions into their enterprise, the market has now matured to a point where cloud services are being relied upon for mission critical activities and to provider key services to customers.

In this context, Malta has chosen to tackle the demand for more efficient and secure cloud services. In fact, the recently re-branded Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has just carried out a consultation with respect to its proposed guidelines for cloud computing solutions adoption by remote gaming operators, with the goal of gathering insights and feedback from stakeholders and industry experts.

This exercise will ultimately allow the MGA to set out clear guidelines for cloud services providers in order to safeguard Malta’s sterling reputation in the gaming industry and ensure adequate levels of player protection from online risks

BMIT has invested in a range of cloud services and solutions comprising in public and private cloud architectures, as well as hybrid systems that combine the benefits and functionality of both. BMIT also offers cloud backup, which offers an end-to-end solution for all backup issues, irrespective of the location of the user. Clients of BMIT’s cloud systems have the flexibility of choosing to pay only for the resources they use or opt for a fixed monthly investment plan.

Contact BMIT today for a tailored solution for you and your business.

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