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Ivan Galea

Jan 24, 2022

Ivan Square

Ivan Galea

Jan 24, 2022

What is DaaS - Desktop-as-a-Service?

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a managed cloud infrastructure service which delivers a virtual desktop to the user through any internet-connected device with a modern browser or remote desktop application.

DaaS has been around for quite some time now (over a decade), but it never really took off on a mass scale. Some reasons being the dependency on a high-speed Internet connection, the cloud compute performance, and the service provider availability. These technical reasons have been addressed as technology evolved, hence why DaaS is now more cost effective and applicable.

In recent years DaaS has found itself in the spotlight, with the sudden increase in remote working and the shift towards a more dynamic employee work experience.

What are the benefits of DaaS?

Quicker deployments

DaaS minimises certain administrative and logistical problems such as procurement, delivery/shipping time, supplier/logistical delays. Management is easier and configurations for the deployment of applications and data are streamlined.


DaaS is a solution to meet on-demand requirements whether you are increasing performance of a single virtual desktop or removing it when it is no longer needed. It can allow you to save costs during temporary or seasonal initiatives.

Cost effective

DaaS solutions vary between products or service providers, but you can find the appropriate billing type that suits your organisation. Options can include monthly subscriptions for a more predictable OPEX or consumption-based billing for a more optimised OPEX.

Secure by design

DaaS solution provides any organisation with the peace of mind that the applications and data are securely stored on the cloud. Providing IT administrators with a level of control through policies, allowing them to enhance the security against physical or data theft.

Disaster ready

DaaS can be considered as a critical tool when it comes to business continuity. It can reduce the RTO by provisioning virtual desktops to users on-demand, keeping your employees safe and productive.

When should Organisations consider DaaS?

  • When adopting BYOD strategies
  • Employing elastic and/or remote workers
  • Making use of third-party support/consultation services
  • When having a call centre, a hot desk environment or branch office(s)

How can BMIT Technologies help with DaaS?

Every client we work with requires different solutions. So, we tackle each need with our expertise in technology, business strategy and innovation.

We propose and develop intelligent, secure infrastructure solutions, help build your internal capabilities and identify opportunities to enhance your business potential through the application of innovative technologies. This ensures a greater level of business management and progression.

Want to learn more about DaaS - Desktop-as-a-Service? Contact us and one of our experts will reach out and guide you accordingly

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