Ivan Square

Ivan Galea

Mar 17, 2020

Ivan Square

Ivan Galea

Mar 17, 2020

Stay Productive While Working From Home

With the rise of the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more companies are searching for ways to move their workforce to start working remotely from the comfort of their homes. This way they can stay protected during the outbreak and have less contact with people.

In order to succeed with this process, especially during challenging times like these, you need tools that are reliable and built specifically for this kind of work.

The Solution

As BMIT Technologies we have launched a specific solution aimed at enabling customers to move quickly into teleworking mode. Businesses can therefore opt for a quick solution which provides a secure and pay-as-you-go environment from where to operate.

If one had to then look specifically at the tools which employees can be provided to continue working remotely, then Teams from Microsoft stands out as an obvious answer. 

Within Microsoft Teams, all of your conversations between employees, all of the files you share and all of the apps you use work together in a single shared workplace which you can access from basically any device, including mobile.

How Do I Start

The quickest way is to talk to us! 🙂

But we suggest you read some more while doing that...

Microsoft Teams is made like an online office you can take anywhere with you.

While you may not have access to printers or physical files in your home, you can pull docs up directly in Teams, as they are stored securely and are extremely easy to access.

Another useful feature is the call function, where you can effortlessly jump into calls and meetings remotely by using the camera on your laptop, phone, or any other device you’re accessing Microsoft Teams from.

Run Meetings Remotely

If you are used to organising meetings in a conference room, well organising it online may seem like a challenge. 

In Microsoft Teams, add a virtual join option to your meetings so everyone can join them.

All of the people that are joining the conference call, assuming they feel comfortable in doing so, should enable video functionality for a more authentic experience. 

The face-to-face connection makes everyone feel more connected.

Another key feature is the recording function.

You can schedule extra meetings with some employees, or even have ones with customers and partners. 

If the organisation you manage or work in allows it, you can record all of your meetings, so people who are absent from them at the moment can view them at a later time and stay up to date on the latest updates.

In Conclusion

Make sure to set up your workplace properly, communicate often with your entire team, maintain a healthy relationship during these times and embrace online meetings.

On the technology and solution side, BMIT Technologies’ own secure and quick-to-set-up solution can help you enable remote working, as well as Microsoft Teams, and offers you the power to organise all of your employees to work from the comfort of their home.

In relation to the investment for the above, you may also now benefit from a grant being offered by Malta Enterprise to assist businesses wishing to enable telework. Up to 45% of total costs, subject to scheme T&Cs. 

If you want to know more or you're looking for the best way to set teleworking and remote work up, talk to us.

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