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Partnering with BMIT saw us transition smoothly to an upgraded IT infrastructure setup which meets our demands. Essentially, they brought us up to date. A truly professional company which took the time and effort to learn the requirements of our business and tailored its services and solutions accordingly. All calls are answered immediately, with a timely, efficient resolution of our issues. It is reassuring knowing they are available when needed.

Marthese Portelli
CEO, The Malta Chamber

Meet the client

The Malta Chamber is the independent voice of the private sector in Malta, serving as an institution to represent SMEs and large enterprises alike, across all business sectors. Its principal mission is to ensure that entrepreneurs enjoy the best competitive environment and regulatory conditions possible for the conduct of business in a viable manner.

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The Challenge

Through its active internal structures, The Malta Chamber depends on effective communication across its stakeholders as well as the enablement of a series of value-added services to all the businesses.

To achieve its mission in the most effective way, The Malta Chamber understands that like the many businesses it represents, it needs to ensure a smooth digital transformation. The client approached BMIT to take advantage of the latest technologies and professional expertise available, to facilitate its internal and external communications, enhance productivity and improve overall productivity, collaboration, and communication.
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How we helped the client

Seamless migration from legacy applications

BMIT handled the migration from a legacy system to Microsoft 365. One of the main concerns here was the risk of data loss due to the dependencies on specific, aging infrastructure. The solution addressed these issues and the associated data integrity, migration planning, and eventually the migration itself.

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Enabled a hybrid and secure workspace

BMIT included a roadmap for The Malta Chamber to adopt new tools and maximise on all the benefits available as part of the new overall solution based on M365. The delivered solution also integrated services for secure remote access, introducing a more effective, hybrid workplace for all the Chamber’s employees.

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Digital transformation and future-proofing

BMIT embarked on the project providing advisory, IT support and knowledge, drawing on the wealth of experience it has amassed. Additionally, BMIT provided the client with a best practice methodology to process information on legacy systems so that they could be migrated securely onto the new platform.

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