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Working with a serious IT partner is crucial. BMIT’s commitment to our growth and their knowledge have given us a solid foundation for expansion. The value they bring far outweighs the ongoing cost. This isn’t an investment but a necessary expense that ensures consistent growth and security.

Alida Buttigieg
CEO, Bloom Research

Meet the client

Bloom Research works across a range of industries to provide its clients with valuable insight into the market needs, brands, competition and the behaviour of consumers. They provide marketing and business solutions through integrated research techniques which give their clients a deeper insight into the market in which they operate and plan to move their business forward.

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The Challenge

Amidst a landscape of ever-changing technologies, small and medium businesses (SME) often must rely on the expertise and experience of a managed service provider. Choosing the right MSP to partner with is as important as the products or solutions being delivered, if not more.

Alida wanted an IT partner, an organisation that guaranteed consistent support, allowing her to concentrate on core operations and the business.
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How we helped the client

A Trusted Partner

At BMIT, we pride ourselves on our efficient and tailored integration process. We go beyond being mere service providers; we position ourselves as strategic advisors, aligning our solutions with our clients' unique requirements. Our approach is balanced and holistic, making us not just a provider, but a dependable partner in innovation.

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Peace of mind with Managed Backups

BMIT delivered a seamless solution that not only resolved this concern but also offered unexpected benefits. Redundancy, security, and regular maintenance were addressed comprehensively, creating a worry-free environment. Documentation and policy improvement were also highlighted areas. Dedication to detail, including audits and documentation, made a significant impact.

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Digital transformation and future-proofing

“This proactive, consultative approach differentiated BMIT as a partner that genuinely cared about our success, ensuring we were up-to-date without overwhelming us with new technologies. I knew that if it is necessary, it’s necessary.” Alida believes that BMIT’s support and presence have built a strong foundation for growth ‘if and when I want to’. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, “BMIT are helping Bloom to get to where we want to go”.

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