Technology News Roundup – April 2018

2018 is gearing up to be a very exciting year for IT business seeking to up their game in the global market.

With new advancements on the horizon, including better cloud solutions, AI software, and integrated IT systems, companies are moving towards IT-centric operations that increase overall efficiency and performance.

IT governance a top priority as report shows 96% of US enterprises use cloud solutions

Cloud computing has practically become the norm for enterprises, with more than 96 percent making use of it in some way or another. However, it looks like more companies are moving away from hybrid cloud solutions to multi-cloud landscapes that are spread across multiple service providers. Private clouds options still dominate the choice for companies when compared to public clouds, but the latter seem to be on the rise.

Read more about the rise of cloud based solutions here.

Are AI and machine learning the next frontier for data centres?

With further advancements in artificial intelligence, the role of humans in business is very close to becoming obsolete - or is it? Data centres are increasingly becoming more self-sufficient and machine learning, a subset of AI, is on the path to change the game completely. Most equipment such as UPSs and cooling units make use of AI in order to manage how the equipment operates as conditions change, but the concept is currently being touted towards more advanced data centres.

Companies to spend $12.3 bn on IT integrated systems in 2018

Companies all around the world are always trying their best to improve performance and efficiency while increasing profit. One of the ways of achieving this is through an integrated IT system, which are rapidly increasing in popularity. Such integrated systems readily replace existing infrastructure, but IT organisations still need to analyse how savings on capital expenditure (capex) can be offset by expected shifts in operating expenditure (opex).

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