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Summer IT Tips

It’s that hot time of year, summer, when many of us take leave from work and find some time to relax in the sun while eating watermelon and ice cream. We want you to enjoy your time as much as possible, so here are four summer IT tips for you.

  1. If traveling with your laptop, stop and think. Do you really need your tax forms and confidential, sensitive data on your hard drive? Move personal information from the hard drive to an external storage set-up, or at least a hard  drive and backup your portable computer before leaving.
  2. Don’t publicly broadcast your vacation plans on social networking sites. If you’re leaving your house unoccupied and at risk for potential burglary, take a few minutes to adjust settings for sharing your location on your social networking site and any apps on your smart phone.
  3. IT people, take advantage of the empty offices and blow the dust out off the PC and laptop cases. When people return the added ventilation will make your job easier as less machines will overheat.
  4. You’re on holiday, so set an auto-responder and leave your work phone at home! You’re not a machine; you need time off to work to the best of your abilities!

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