Disaster recovery done right

Many businesses ignore the need for a disaster recovery plan until they need it. Flooding, fire, hardware failure and a host of other unexpected events can instantly cause loss of data and no access to IT systems, causing irreparable damage to your business and its reputation.

disaster recovery

A Separate Disaster Recovery Site

Your backup is kept in a secure location which is physically distant from the site of your main servers. This will ensure that in case of an interruption of service, an automatic and seamless changeover will take place, allowing your team to continue working.

Reduce the cost of Downtime

Putting operations on pause due to an unforeseen event can come at a great cost your business and reputation. A disaster recovery plan can minimise the negative effects of such a situation, with staff and partners trained and ready to react to different scenarios.

Keep your Customers Served

Building trust with customers is a lifelong challenge, but it can quickly unravel in instances where you are not able to support them when they need it. Initial patience can quickly turn to frustration. A backup can quickly mitigate the initial challenges posed by a sudden service interruption.

Ensure Business Continuity

Disaster recovery plans are just one of a series of actions each business shall adopt to ensure that any disasters will not negatively impact business operations. We can help define such actions, and put together a business continuity plan, to serve your specific requirements.

DR Specialists

BMIT's team of professionals can help you prepare for any service interruption. Our disaster recovery plans and backup solutions will provide you with continuity of service in the most urgent of situations. The cost of implementing such a system far outweighs the cost of doing nothing.
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Your Next Step

Knowing what measures to take to ensure disaster recovery can be a challenge. BMIT will analyse your system and work closely with your team to plan out a backup solution which fits your needs. Our goal is to minimise all the negative effects of a system interruption on your business and clients.
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What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.

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