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Managed Cloud Solutions

Reseller Programme

We can help you take advantage of our BMIT services to allow you to uncover new opportunities to grow and differentiate your service offerings.
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How does it work?

Our Reseller Programme is designed to offer you an opportunity to reap the benefits of partnering with us. As a reseller partner, you will benefit from wholesale rates allowing you to pass these savings along to your customers.

The programme is designed to allow you to own and have a direct relationship with your customers in terms of sales, billing as well as first level technical support for the services used. It enables you to enhance and allow you to design your own products and services whilst also giving you the ability of having total control over your customer’s experience.

As part of our public cloud platform we can also provide you with a ‘White-Label’ reseller capability – enabling you to have your own-branded public cloud platform without the need of huge capital investments. We have invested in cloud platform that supports multi-site provisioning, hence we can deploy your cloud services anywhere you are or want to be. Your own rebranded cloud platform will take and monitor orders, provision the services ordered and bills the customer accordingly, under your own brand. It gives you a full visibility into customer activity and support administration access to allow you to help your customers manage their cloud services. This gives your customers a complete self-service access to a rebranded version of our control panel.

What are the benefits?

An opportunity to deliver value-added services
Have total control of your customers experience
Allows you to manage your customers relationship by offering them direct sales services, billing as well as first level technical support
Ability to “White Label” BMIT’s public cloud services as your own
Ability to grow your service offerings and business portfolio without a huge capital investment
Benefit from special reseller rates
A dedicated account manager

What products are included?

Data Center Services
Cloud Services
Managed Services
Our colocation services, private cloud or hybrid cloud services vary from as little as a single server to a more comprehensive infrastructural setup, within our remote, secure and state-of-the-art data facility. This will give you the chance to retain full control over your customers hardware, while leaving the management of the supporting infrastructure to the experts – US.

As a network-independent data centre, we also provide network & connectivity via multiple carriers. This approach provides our customers with greater choice, flexibility, network resilience, cost-saving and speed to market. Allowing full redundancy, business-grade Internet access, without the expense and complexity of dealing with multiple providers.

Such data center services can also be comined with our DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) mitigation services were the system kicks in immediately, keeping malicious traffic out of our customers network and allowing real traffic through.
The popularity of Cloud services is fast on the rise – and for good reason. They are the perfect entry point for your potential leads to shift their capital expenditure into operational expenditure. The flexibility offered by this way of working, makes it ideal for the huge majority of our customers out there. Varying from an individual operating from home, or a global organisation with complex IT needs, our cloud services can be dynamically scaled to meet all our customers needs.

We know that one size doesn’t fit, and this is why we offer a various range of cloud services to meet the needs of every business. Cost-effective and easy to scale Public Cloud services, extra security and more sophisticated customisation options offered through our Private Cloud services as well as the best of both worlds is offered through a Hybrid Cloud solution which bridges the functionality and benefits for private and public clouds.

As part of our public cloud platform we can enable you with a ‘White-Label’ reseller capability. Giving you full visibility into your customer’s activity and support administration access to allow you to help them manage their cloud services. Your customers will have complete self-service access to a rebranded version of our control panel.
We offer a complete range of Data Centre and Cloud Services that can be managed, supported and tailor-made to any requirements. Together, they could help to address our customer’s IT management, business continuity and disaster recovery requirements, by effortlessly providing offsite and onsite support needed for a fully-comprehensive experience.

We want our customer’s to concentrate on the important business of actually running their business, while we handle everything related to the IT needs. When choosing to reseller our managed services to your customers you can rest assured that you can trust us with every aspect of your technological essentials. We promise to meet your requirements in a flexible, efficient and cost-effective manner, with expert technical support provided 24×7, every step of the way.

For this very reason, we offer a range of Managed Services that will help businesses to run their systems better. Ensuring these won’t be disrupted by unwanted downtime and will be able to help such managed systems to recover should a disaster situation strike.

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What sets us apart from the rest?

What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.

Discover how our services could transform your business’ online efficiency and security

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