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If you want to know just how dramatically the world has changed over the last months, consider how your opinion on working from home has changed since March. For many, remote work – or telework - used to be an option that was nice to have if you needed it or if you were getting some extra things done over the weekend. But no one imagined that in a brief time we would all be working from home, whether we liked it or not.

remote work challenges

The Challenge.

As we start getting used to a new normal reality, many businesses are now offering employees an option to work from home, from office, or split the week between the two. This poses a number of challenges to all, but thankfully technology is there to help management devise the right approach for the organisation.

A Microsoft paper - The Future of Business Resilience - further expands on this by highlighting the need to fundamentally rethink and change how businesses operate.  

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The Benefits.

Several research studies have shown that the new normal brings benefits to both businesses and employees.

Benefits For Employers

increase productivity
Increased Productivity

Happy workers are more productive. Giving them the freedom to work remotely means they will likely be more engaged with their work.

reduced churn
Reduced Churn

Companies that allow staff to telecommute see up to 50% reduction in their churn rates. This is because employees report higher job satisfaction.

broader talent pool
Broader Talent Pool

Without being restricted by geography, companies have their pick from larger number of candidates. This enables them to hire the best people available from across the globe.

greater flexibility
Greater Flexibility

When workers don’t have strict 9-to-5 schedules, they are more flexible. Companies don’t need to wait for standard business hours to address their customers’ needs.

lower overhead costs
Lower Overhead Costs

Businesses don’t need to spend as much on office space, equipment, or utilities whey they let workers stay home. They can operate much leaner as a result, especially if they take advantage of technology. 

Benefits For Employees

no cummuting
No Commuting

Working from home means there’s no need to spending a long time sitting in traffic. It also means fewer kilometers on your car and less money spend on fuel.

improved life work balance
Improved Work/Life Balance

Not being at a desk away from home means you’ll be able to enjoy more time with friends and family. You won’t have to miss important life events because you’re still commuting.

travel opportunities
Travel Opportunities

A digital workplace can be anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. This means an employee can contribute from anywhere – from the corner coffee shop to a foreign beach.

increased happiness
Increased Happiness

Many work-related frustrations are eliminated when you can do your job remotely. Countless people who telecommute say they are much happier in the positions as a result.

better hours
Better Hours

When you can get started as soon as you roll out of bed, you can sleep in a bit longer. You also don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll have to stay in the office for important meetings, because the moment you log off, you’ll be home.

remote work BMIT paper

The Future of Business Reliance.

Download Microsoft's paper about 'The Future of Business Reliance' to know more on: 

The need to transform and build resilience

An action plan to assess and strengthen your resilience

How Microsoft can help you become more resilient, rapidly

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The Technology.

An increasing number of tools are available to help you achieve hybrid work efficiency and security in the new normal realities. At BMIT Technologies we can help across a wide span of services for remote access, collaboration, conferencing and online meetings.

In addition to connectivity-based security such as VPNs, our team of experts are particularly specialised on Microsoft365 -based technologies such as Teams and SharePoint and communication tools such as 3CX.

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