System Administration

Our system administration managed services are combination of Server OS management tasks which can be performed on either physical, container or VM operating system instances. These include:

  • Initial installation, configuration and security hardening of the server OS
  • Management of administrator control access
  • Real-time availability and performance monitoring of critical OS services or daemons
  • Monitoring and trend analysis of disk usage levels 
  • Application of software upgrades, patches and service packs as approved by you
  • Setup of backup process
  • Resolution and recovery from OS failures
  • Management of DHCP and DNS services
  • Installation and management of Virus protection

We can also offer additional services which are defined on a number of hours of work depending on your needs as to ensure you only pay for what you need:

  • Active Directory services management
  • Group Policy Object maintenance
  • File and storage services management
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) or Apache Web Server management
  • Virtualisation and Management Role – ESX and Hyper V

Optionally you may opt for…

Key Benefits
  • Initial installation of database server and application tools, including database clustering and replication if required
  • Application of database upgrades and patches, which are approved by you
  • Database monitoring
  • Security, access control and grants on database objects based on your requirements
  • Setup of backup process 
  • DBMS or OS parameters analysis 
  • Escalation to DB vendor in case of critical issues

On top of your system administration, we offer the option to manage database management systems supported by Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL and Oracle.

  • Installation of Microsoft Exchange server roles and application tools including clustering and replication if required
  • Security and anti-malware management
  • Setup of backup process
  • Identifying improvements to server application or OS maintenance levels, parameters, physical resources or utilisation patterns
  • Performance reporting and monitoring to identify any potential problems
  • Upgrades and patches that have been approved by you
  • Escalation to Microsoft in case of critical issues

According to a defined number of hours of work depending on your needs, we can also offer you services to: create, delete, change permissions, restore your mailboxes as well as define messaging policies or transport rules.

All of our system administration services can be managed on various selections of operating systems, ranging from Microsoft Windows Servers, Linux, BSD and VMware.

We guarantee to utilise our experience, resources and proven processes to provide you with high quality managed services that are customised according to your company’s requirements, so as to ensure that you will benefit from an effective outsourced solution. 

info What sets BMIT apart?

What distinguishes BMIT from other service providers is our ability to offer a personalised and customised service to each of our customers.
As a BMIT customer you have access to:

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support by an expert technical team
  • Telephone support by contacting our 24×7 team on +356 21 472 592
  • Email support
  • Support via Skype on bmit_support

Additionally each customer is provided with:

  • Personalised attention via an Account Executive
  • Extended assistance via our pre- and post- sales teams

So why not contact us and see how our suite of managed services can help and protect you?

Infrastructure Management Factsheet

 System Administration Fact Sheet