Azure by BMIT

Is there a difference between Azure services purchased directly from Microsoft to those purchased via BMIT?

The Azure services sold via BMIT are the same services offered by Microsoft, and therefore there is no difference in terms of service offering, performance etc. All 120+ Azure services available on Microsoft’s Azure site are available to purchase from BMIT.

The advantage of purchasing from BMIT is that you can aggregate all your cloud service purchasing in one portal, benefit from BMIT’s hybrid cloud and managed service options, from BMIT’s 24x7 NOC as well as special price offers when available.

How is the service charged?

By default, the applicable prices are identical to those offered by Microsoft at retail. Occasionally, BMIT will make available special price offers, which would lower the price below the retail price. Please check BMIT’s Azure page for such special offers or contact us.

How shall I purchase Azure services?

Get in touch if you would like to purchase our Azure services, one of our skilled professionals will be in contact. If you are already a cloud customer, you may use your existing credentials to log in and purchase the service. If you are a new user, you would need to create an account prior to proceeding.

As a Microsoft Partner, BMIT can also provide a number of additional services. Please speak to our commercial team for all available options.

Can I change my services any time?

Yes. You can make changes as required. We will bill for consumption, in line with Azure’s terms and conditions.

How long does it take to provision this service?

Usually a couple of hours from when you place the order. Our team will run some checks prior to enabling subscription and then send you a confirmation email that service is ready.

Is the service GDPR compliant?

Azure services are offered by Microsoft, and therefore you should read well the terms and conditions specified by Microsoft, including those related to GDPR. Any data visible or accessible to BMIT will be handled in line with company-wide processes related to GDPR.

Additionally, we have in place the necessary data processing addenda with those 3rd parties that provide software and systems that are part of our offering.