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How to Get the Most out of Microsoft Azure

Jack Mizzi 2 scaled

Jack Mizzi

Chief Marketing Officer

Get the most out of Azure 1

If you’re planning to expand your IT infrastructure to the cloud, Microsoft’s products will have you covered, with Azure undoubtedly being a market leader in the world of cloud platforms. Well, once you’ve made up your mind, what’s stopping you from purchasing the service directly from Microsoft? Why introduce an intermediary? Here’s the answer.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have invested a lot in our team to gain an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of Azure. From initial planning to the actual integration of Azure into your infrastructure, our team of experts will be there along the way to help you. Thanks to our technical expertise and experience in working with large businesses, we follow best practices when working with Azure. You’ll also get the full suite of services at a better rate – but that’s just the cherry on top.

In order to utilize the cloud to its full potential, a reliable network is required. BMIT can help you make the leap to Azure with MultiCloud Connect. At its backbone is our high-speed international network - the only one of its kind in Malta. It allows us to bridge the gap between Azure and your IT infrastructure in a stable manner.

We also understand the importance of compliance requirements. Some data may be too sensitive to be hosted on the public cloud, whereas some businesses may be required to keep a copy of their data locally for certain certifications. Well, there’s a solution – Azure Stack by BMIT, which allows you to get access to an instance of Azure hosted locally at our data centres. Through Azure Stack you can work with the Azure ecosystem from Malta, getting the best of both worlds – no compliance issues as well as reduced latency.

Azure is a powerful platform, offering computing power scalable with the click of a mouse, databases of all kinds fit for your needs and more. The options are highly available, secure, and cost-effective. Moreover, with BMIT you can also rely on our Azure managed services – an additional layer of support which allows you to focus on what’s most important while leaving the rest to us.

If you have any further questions about how your business can benefit from cloud solutions and how companies are using Azure and Azure Stack, feel free to contact us. For a full list of Azure services, visit our product page.

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