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Destination Malta ... Location BMIT

Malta’s regulatory regime governing remote gaming, in all its forms, has long been established now and where other European jurisdictions are either just about setting a governing environment or seeking to close a long stretching lag between the public control of the sector the industry dynamics,  Malta has remained at the forefront in both governance of gaming and in attractiveness for the hundreds of operators that chose to locate their gaming operations in Malta.  It is no surprise that Malta is still the most favoured jurisdiction by operators that want to set their operations in Europe.

Malta’s infrastructure has leapt ahead in support of the gaming and other ICT intensive industries such as financial services and other forms of e-commerce. One area in which there has been very significant investment and has been a show case of Malta’s best is its data storage and transmission infrastructure. Over the last decade Malta has invested heavily on its ICT infrastructure, both in quality and in quantity in order to sustain and continue to foster and support growth in dependent industries such as remote gaming sector.

A major part of this investment has been directed towards expanding and improving the local connectivity.  Currently, Malta has four diverse and independent submarine fibre cables linking it to various locations in Sicily thus ensuring both connectivity availability and optimisation in distribution of traffic. These connect to different IP carriers, which enable the client to choose the best for his business needs. Furthermore these carriers are configured with automatic failover though BGP, thus enabling connectivity to automatically recover in less than 2 minutes should there be an outage. Apart from its resilience and redundancy features, another essential feature which was vastly improved upon is latency which resulted in enhanced and continuous stability, negligible packet loss and flexibility. The Maltese ICT sector and the service providers are thus in a very favourable position to continue to service both the Mediterranean and the European markets, irrespective of the jurisdiction or jurisdictions where the customers are located.

BMIT, now a fully owned subsidiary of GO plc, has lead the way in more than one front in the ICT development in Malta supporting the remote gaming industry. It has configured its unique investments in state-of-the-art, dedicated locations, multi-modal/regional connectivity, infrastructure and services to meet and exceed the gaming industry’s growing needs.  Its unrivalled capabilities have rendered it the obvious partner of choice both in Malta and the region for gaming operators whether active in the business to business or business to customer sectors; or both.

BMIT’s data centre facilities are connected to pan-European carrier-grade networks, ensuring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support and monitoring systems, network and infrastructure, secured to meet European standards and their services are customised and client specific to connect and meet regulatory requirements of Malta or any other jurisdiction/s in which the operator is delivering its services.

BMIT recognises that the data centres and related support services still represent one of the most significant costs for any remote gaming operator and the decision of where to domicile its corporate and operational, or even disaster recovery equipment or part/s thereof, is amongst other things, price sensitive. Even more so today.  BMIT delivers and exceeds operators’ expectations with unrivalled cost savings and levels of quality and services offered in one customised and flexible package.  

So, when the destination is Malta, the location is BMIT where getting the best value for money with technology is and will remain paramount. Contact us for more details.

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