What is SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a critical technology that helps organisations detect, analyse, and respond to security threats in real-time. By collecting and correlating data from various sources within your IT infrastructure, SIEM provides comprehensive visibility into your security posture, allowing for quick identification of potential incidents and facilitating effective incident response.


Our Approach to SIEM

At BMIT, we adopt a technology-agnostic approach to SIEM. This means we do not favour any specific SIEM product. Checking the log entries collected is an important task and BMIT can help you in two ways:

1. You provide us with access to your SIEM allowing BMIT to review and analyse data collected from your systems; or

2. You provide us with the log entries and these are added to the SIEM. BMIT keeps all security related log entries, such as change in user management and file integrity changes, for a year.


We can collect logs directly from several popular cloud environments including Azure, O365, Google Cloud Platform and several Amazon Web Services components such as CloudTail, GuardDuty and CloudWatch.

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Managed SIEM

Managed SIEM

Not all organisations have the resources or skillset to deploy and manage a SIEM. Managing a SIEM system is a complex and resource-intensive task. Our Managed SIEM services take this burden off your shoulders.

BMIT will carry out a thorough assessment of your current IT landscape and security requirements. Based on that assessment, we will design a SIEM architecture that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

BMIT will then provide continuous monitoring, maintenance, and updates to ensure your SIEM environment operates at peak efficiency. Our team of experts will give you peace of mind that any untoward activity on your network is spotted in time and escalated to your team as needed.

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Basic SOC Services

In addition to SIEM, we can offer Security Operations Centre (SOC) services, including monitoring, threat detection, and incident response, and threat intelligence to protect your organisation from evolving cyber threats.
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For more information on how we can help you with SIEM and Managed SIEM services, please get in touch with us.