Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity starts with your employees

Security is not solely an IT issue; it's a business imperative. For every breach or security lapse, apart from the financial implications, equally detrimental is the erosion of trust and reputation among stakeholders, customers, and partners.

In an age where data breaches and cyber-attacks are more prevalent than ever, the importance of security awareness cannot be overstated.

Our Security Awareness Program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and best practices to foster a culture of security vigilance and resilience. By investing in security awareness, you're not just protecting data; you're safeguarding your business's future.

BMIT’s security awareness programme

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Define your goals and objectives

As a first step, we will schedule a meeting to understand your business and your specific requirements. This will allow us to provide recommendations and tailor a programme that best suits your needs and goals. BMIT will then provide recommendations and a tailored approach for the awareness programme. We also carry out a user gap analysis assessment on 12 security areas and use the results to tailor each learning module.

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Configure & design

Different groups of employees may have different levels of knowledge, skills and attitudes towards security. Based on your needs, BMIT will configure the online awareness platform, design and schedule the campaign –for the learning and real-time phishing training.

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Delivery methods

BMIT will deliver security learning modules and phishing campaigns through our Awareness Platform. In our advanced offering, businesses can request specific and customised modules to address different areas or employee skills sets. BMIT will advise accordingly.

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Interactive and fun

Security awareness training does not have to be dull and dry. Our platform gives you flexibility in how you deliver training to and engage with employees. As part of our phishing training, you can also implement an alert button so employees can flag suspicious emails as part of their training.

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Reinforce and evaluate

Security awareness training is not a one-time event. You should audit the success of your training at least once a year. BMIT will provide an automated monthly performance report and a full review after a year to optimise the programme. New customers benefit from a service adoption review after six months.

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Why choose our programme

Our cybersecurity awareness program stands out as a vital shield for your business. Our comprehensive training ensures your employees understand the risks and how to counteract them. Here are some benefits:

Expert training designed and led by a team with over 30+ years of experience in the fields of training, cybersecurity and data governance

Tailored training and value-added options to choose from

Save time and money because BMIT does all the procurement, configuration, management and monitoring of the programme.

Strengthen your defences against cyberattacks

Enjoy increased data security, enhanced customer trust, and regulatory compliance

Reduce the likelihood of breaches and data leaks

Advanced training with BMIT value-added services

We offer a range of additional services that enhance your security awareness programme and also strengthen your security posture and compliance readiness, in particular around policies and procedures.

User’s performance report


Custom learning modules


Customised phishing templates


Cybersecurity social board


Users’ Policy onboarding


Yearly security review


Customisation of learning modules


User management / enrolment


Policy management module


Policy distribution

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