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Corporate Strategy

To maximise business potential and growth through the power and scale of our infrastructure, a comprehensive IT solutions portfolio, and our people’s expertise, experience, and drive for excellence.

Our investments

The core business of BMIT Technologies plc - the BMIT Group - is primarily carried out through three companies: BM IT Limited, BM Support Services Limited and BellNet Limited.

BM IT Limited

BM IT Limited was originally set up to provide data centre services in Malta. Its mission is to offer customers peace of mind, allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities. We strive to simplify the complexity associated with the deployment and management of the sophisticated solutions that underpin and enhance their business operations. This is achieved through a portfolio which spans several inter-linked categories of services, which are the foundation for the company’s IT-as-a-Service offering. This guarantees the provision of an IT architecture and technology solutions that meet customers’ business, technical and regulatory needs.

Two data centre facilities in Malta are at the heart of BM IT Limited’s operations. Both are ISO27001 and PCI-DSS certified, managed 24x365 and inter-linked with the company’s international locations (Points of Presence) in Italy and Germany through its own 40Gbps private international managed network. The company’s international presence allows for direct connections to the Far East, helping customers to reach the Asian market.

As cloud services became more mainstream, BM IT Limited deployed Malta’s first Public Cloud Services platform, hosted at its facilities in Malta to meet compliance requirements, and on which it offers both infrastructure-as-a-service and software-as-a-service solutions. The Public Cloud Services infrastructure is also integrated with leading cloud services providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS), thanks to its Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP) partner status, and a developing relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers also have access to the company’s MultiCloud Connect, a high-performance, private and dedicated solution linking customers’ infrastructure to one or more of the global cloud platforms, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and other providers.

BM Support Services Limited and BellNet Limited

BM Support Services Limited and BellNet Limited complement BM IT Limited in terms of providing the resources, infrastructure and support services required by the BMIT Group to fulfil its operating and service delivery requirements. BellNet Limited is also a registered undertaking for Electronic Communications Services with the Malta Communications Authority (MCA).

BMIT Technologies plc

Customers benefit from a range of public, private and hybrid cloud services thanks to the combined portfolios of the Group. These services can be deployed on-premises, at any of BMIT Group’s data centres, or integrated with services offered by leading cloud services providers. This means solutions can be scaled from the desktop to the data centre and into the cloud.

Today the BMIT Group proudly delivers its services to over 500 corporate customers across multiple sectors and industries including online gaming, financial services, ICT, manufacturing, media, logistics and transportation, retail and hospitality. BMIT Group has a deep understanding of business, technology and regulatory requirements that impact most industries today. Our scale of operations, experience and expertise, coupled with several partnerships with leading technology players and a highly skilled and certified workforce allow us to meet the needs of any organisation operating in a digital and data-driven world.

Today, BMIT Group provides a comprehensive answer to the digital and security challenges facing businesses, including cybersecurity.

All these services that span our data centres, private and public cloud platforms, Hybrid IT and cybersecurity solutions, are seamlessly managed to ensure businesses operate efficiently and are secure in a digital-first world.

As part of its vision of continued growth and services, the Group has invested in its TowerOps business to offer a reliable choice for passive infrastructure solutions. With 280 state-of-the-art sites and towers, this part of the business reinforces our hosting reputation, in this case as experts in managing cellular telecommunications equipment towers.

Nothing is possible without a highly-specialised team of professionals, investment in training, ongoing certification and the attainment of technology competencies. BMIT is a an established Microsoft cloud partner specialisng in Azure Infrastructure and Modern Work, as well as an HPE Gold Partner for infrastructure solutions and services, a VMware by Broadcom Advantage Partner, a Silver Veeam Cloud Service Provider and a Cisco Select Partner. Employees at BMIT Group are also trained and certified in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). These credentials ensure that staff have the skillsets and expertise to design, implement secure and reliable IT solutions for various needs and to deliver a range of Managed IT Services, on- or off-premises, that help customers maximise their return on IT investment and deliver better and more services to their employees and customers.

The Group’s customer base is one of its most critical assets and meeting clients’ ongoing needs and providing excellent service throughout the relationship is key to its success and growth. BM IT takes pride in its above industry average Net Promoter (NSP) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.