BMIT up their Hybrid Cloud Game

Dale Schembri

Product Marketing Executive

The first day of ICE 2019 saw BMIT announce that they have extended their hybrid cloud offerings, including the addition of Microsoft’s Azure suite of services to its portfolio. This news follows yesterday’s announcement of a new €10m data centre facility and builds on the strategic partnership struck between the company and Microsoft a few weeks ago.

BMIT’s partnership with Microsoft provides the company with the capability to not only provide Azure services, but also give the global cloud solution a local flavour through a dedicated support team and great prices. Additionally, BMIT’s team of solution architects can guide customers towards the right setup, minimizing costs while ensuring redundancy and smooth operations.

MultiCloud Connect by BMIT also allows customers to securely connect their IT infrastructure or private cloud set-up to Azure or a number of other leading global public cloud providers to minimize latency and improve performance.

“As technology grows more complex by the day, no two businesses will find themselves in the same situation. Every company is different and has unique requirements – be they security, risk mitigation, regulatory considerations, asset depreciation, or simply their internal culture and skill set – making a move to Public Cloud not always a feasible option. In fact, for many having the best of both worlds through a hybrid cloud setup is the ideal solution. BMIT’s infrastructure caters for both, providing public cloud as well as private cloud solutions, allowing customers to pick and mix in order to create their own custom hybrid setup”, commented Nick Tonna, BMIT’s Chief Commercial Officer.

This article was featured on the Day 2 ICE Daily issue, published during ICE 2019 which is being held between the 5th and 7th of February.

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