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BMIT Technologies donates to various dog sanctuaries

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Matthias Attard

Product Marketing Specialist

BMIT Technologies donates to various dog sanctuaries

Date - 19th February 2020
If you're a dog owner, you probably already know just how awesome dogs are. Dogs fill your life with love, loyalty, fur and plenty to smile about. Undeniably, they  make our world a better place. BMIT Technologies, one of Malta’s leading IT services providers, is continuously promoting animal welfare and have lately donated funds to four different dog sanctuaries, namely: Gozo SPCA, Noah’s Ark, AAA and Malta SPCA.

Without a doubt, such organizations are always excited to receive donations in any shape or form since most animal welfare organisations rely on donations from the public and local business, such as BMIT Technologies.

“We are aware that frequently, the number of resources these organisations have don’t even come close to what they need. Volunteering is another gift that is equally, if not more important than material gifts. At BMIT Technologies, we are sensitive to these challenges and we have animal welfare at heart. We fully comprehend the fact that these sanctuaries are indispensable, as they specifically care for abandoned animals and are capable of providing temporary homes for animals that need it” said Ramona Mifsud, Marketing Executive at BMIT Technologies.

BMIT Technologies is committed to keep assisting these animal sanctuaries as part of its central philosophy of helping the community and environment in which it operates. Moreover, the company through its strong business network, encourages other firms in Malta to embark on this initiative and to support NGOs that are directly linked to animal welfare and helping those who have no voice.

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