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BMIT Managed DDoS Shield

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Jack Mizzi

Chief Marketing Officer

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A new solution for your network security

Leading Maltese technology solutions provider BMIT Technologies today announced the launch of their new DDoS protection and mitigation solution - BMIT Managed DDoS Shield. This solution is the result of a major investment in technologies and skills, which now allows the company to extend the service to large and smaller organisations using their network services and strengthen its security portfolio further.

BMIT DDoS Shield is a multi-tiered solution which protects against multiple types of attacks. The edge-based mitigation deployed within BMIT Technologies international high speed private network allows the finetuning of countermeasures that are used to protect against protocol and application attacks.  An upstream mitigation - Cloud-based – is also activated and both mitigation mechanisms work in sync to mitigate an attack. 

“The investment in the latest DDoS technology and in our high speed and resilient international network allowed us to launch an enhanced solution, which is backed up by a team of local experts on a 24x7 basis. We proactively monitor for any attacks and act on them immediately, sometimes well before even a customer realises, they are under attack,” commented Gordon Bezzina, BMIT Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer commented. 

“When developing the Managed DDoS Shield solution, we have given particular attention to customers who might wish to be “insured” against an attack, and therefore built a low, fixed subscription fee solution which allows for a pay per attack charging model”, added Ivan Galea, Product Manager at BMIT Technologies. “We have also developed an always-on solution to protect those customers who either are prone to more frequent attacks or else prefer to have quicker response to attacks,” concluded Mr Galea. 

For more information about the new BMIT Managed DDoS Shield please visit


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