BMIT Business Breakfast Key Takeaways – 25th June 2015

BMIT Business Breakfast Key Takeaways

Session #1 – A regulatory perspective on business continuity
Speaker: Dominic Fisher, Deloitte Malta

1.       You cannot ignore business continuity issues from a regulatory point of view. Don’t be scared off by it – a lot of it is common sense!

2.       An iterative business continuity process will improve resilience. This translates to a commercial advantage, especially during stressed times when competitors are likely to be stressed out too, especially if they didn’t prepare accordingly to tackle risk.

3.       Rehearsing a disaster can be quite a daunting task for a business. Include documentation about actual events, think about unavoidable events like power outage, and do recovery wwwing based around that. Lower risk desk reviews or workshops are a good alternative. Any shortcomings should be identified, linked back to recovery plans, and used to improve your business continuity programme.

Session #2 – The importance of a trusted service provider
Speaker: Nick Tonna, BMIT

1.       Very often we gripe about it, but we also need to understand that IT is a costly and complex endeavour for most businesses.

2.       IT-as-a-service is all about enabling peace of mind. This involves ensuring the impact of unplanned events can be minimised, and the organisation continues to operate normally.

 3.       BMIT assists customers who have to deal with the regulatory aspects of IT risk management by abstracting certain complexities and offering a complete portfolio of IT-as-a-service.

Session #3 – Customer success story
Speaker: Ian Pellicano, APCO Ltd

1.       Moving our operations to a data centre meant that we could handle our data more reliably and securely. If our data is compromised, card numbers and personal information could leak into the marketplace. It’s an issue of reputation, and making this move was an important decision.

 2.       The mix of devices available today has brought about a quantum leap in the way people purchase. Whatever the device, we’re geared to work across multiple platforms and offer solid cross-platform compatibility.

 3.       Our focus is squarely on growing our business and the delivery of the highest level of value to our customers.

“BMIT is the right partner for us, providing us with a reliable and secure solution. They continue to invest at the level our business needs so as to remain ahead!” Ian Pellicano, APCO Ltd


Speaker Bios

Dominic Fisher is a senior manager within their Enterprise Risk Services division. In this role, he oversees numerous external audit, internal audit, risk and regulatory compliance assignments across the spectrum of Malta’s financial services sector. Dominic is a chartered accountant and has recently completed chartered internal auditor exams.

 Nick Tonna is Chief Commercial Officer at BMIT, having joined the company in 2012 from Microsoft Malta where for the previous seven years he led the Enterprise & Partner Group segment and was responsible for managing and developing the relationships with Microsoft’s enterprise customers in Malta.

 Ian Pellicano heads the payments services arm of APCO Ltd, the first company in Malta to move into the online payments market. System solutions designed and built at APCO include card management systems, card personalization systems, and APCO Pay, an e-commerce payment platform with a special emphasis on anti-fraud systems. The company is part of PTL International, a member of Hili Ventures.

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