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Jack Mizzi

Mar 18, 2020

Jack Mizzi 2 scaled

Jack Mizzi

Mar 18, 2020

With Coronavirus now a Pandemic, Is Your Business Ready for Remote Work?

The coronavirus has become a pandemic.

This has put a lot of companies and employees at a huge health risk.

This means that, in order to assure that your employees are safe, healthy, and ready for work, you need to switch the workflow up a bit by going remote.

Remote work means that the employees can do their tasks wherever they are, in this case, as many governments recommend, from the comfort of their home.

If you or your organization does not feel like it is prepared for a large-scale remote work overhaul, you should not, because there are tools that make this process easy.

In many countries, governments recommend that if employees can work from home, they definitely should in order to avoid further spread of the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

Carefully analyse all of the tasks and roles a set of employees has and determine if it can be transferred into a remote model.

It All Starts With Trust

Many managers think that employees will not be as productive working from home, without observation, as they would working in an office.

Workers who work from home tend to manage their time effectively, and work when they feel they are most productive.

Another advantage they have is the fact that they do not have any unnecessary interruptions like they would within the office.

Have trust in the team you selected to work with you and you’ll steadily accept remote work as a viable option.

Now Comes the Technology

Through a combination of IT infrastructure and productivity tools, you gain access to a solution that can help the transition to remote work tremendously.

In other words, you gain access to a remote set-up that is secured, where you can store all of your documents and files securely.

You can also schedule virtual conferences and meetings and even make recordings so other employees can view them when they get online and catch up to what’s happening with a given project they are working on within the company.

If you still feel like your business is not prepared to make this leap, BMIT Technologies can help your business and enable remote working.

This includes the migration of the line of business on the cloud and ensure business continuity while maintaining a high level of security to all of your files and data.

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