Joe Clarke

Joe Clarke

Apr 23, 2018

Joe Clarke

Joe Clarke

Apr 23, 2018

We are our choices

I have been reading a lot about the Multicloud approach recently.

Multicloud, put simply, is the use of multiple cloud computing and storage services in a single heterogeneous architecture

Care should be drawn in noting the difference between Multicloud and Hybrid cloud – the latter being the use of differing cloud deployment methods (e.g. Public/Private)

Multicloud isn’t as simple as its definition on Wikipedia however. Are you looking at different providers for different services, or are you seeking to reduce your reliance on a single provider? Are you deploying your applications or workloads across two providers and load-balancing in an active-active configuration, or are you using a second provider as backup in an active-passive deployment?

Are your chosen providers global heavyweights, with economies of scale offering every service imaginable, or local, regional providers with greater emphasis on integration and personalised service? A mix of both?

The choices may seem legion when looking at Multicloud. Opting to quote Jean-Paul Sartre and resisting the urge to go with Irvine Welsh (“Choose Life…”  think Iggy Pop) was itself a choice, made mostly for format reasons rather than relevance of content, but the implication is the same – the choices that you make, define the outcome of your situation.

When your business relies on its technology, decisions must be made not because something looks nice (à la JPS vs IggyP) but be made based upon being informed, understanding the options, the costs, the potential benefits and conversely the possible pitfalls.

Some of the key considerations you face are:

  • Do you have the right internal resource? Each provider will approach things differently, your existing expertise and experience may not translate from one provider to another.
  • What is your data migration strategy – how do you get your data to the cloud, once it’s there how do you secure it and what connectivity is available to you?
  • Which processes/workloads go to which cloud, which stay in your private cloud and how do you manage across differing providers?

Finally and above all, opting to engage multiple cloud providers and launch a Multicloud strategy is all about choice.

Choose to be informed, choose a plan, choose a… wait, are you humming Iggy Pop yet?

dum dum dum , duh duh de duh de duh

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