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Jack Mizzi

Aug 07, 2023

Jack Mizzi 2 scaled

Jack Mizzi

Aug 07, 2023

Using hybrid IT to create an environment that’s right for you

Building a secure, efficient and resilient IT environment is essential for every organisation. With a requirement to support fundamental business objectives and goals, your IT infrastructure will be as unique as the organisation itself. It’s vital to understand your needs before deciding on your IT architecture, and to obtain the help and guidance required to ensure cost savings and efficiencies.

BMIT Technologies is among the largest IT solutions provider in Malta, running multiple datacentres and offering expertise in cloud and productivity solutions. We work with HPE to deliver services to customers across the globe.

Experts in industry solutions

BMIT’s expertise specifically targets the requirements of our customers, with industry solutions for large businesses; professionals and legal services; financial services; and gaming, where IT is ‘mission critical’ for the success of their operations.

Large businesses

Leading global names and large local organisations work with BMIT Technologies when they are looking for solutions with requirements in the areas of cloud, infrastructure, productivity and security. Offering private, public and hybrid cloud services and solutions, we also offer managed services to guarantee data and applications are always available and up-to-date.

Right-scaling solutions for professionals, corporate service providers and legal firms, BMIT Technologies personalises services to meet the requirements of each customer, whatever their size. We can assist an IT department in setting up small or larger scale solutions, working with key expert partners, like HPE, to deliver flexible services that match the needs of our customers.

Financial Services

In the fast-paced world of financial services, solutions need to be future-proofed, reliable and protected. BMIT Technologies develops tailormade services to align with each customer’s requirements, ensuring a cost-effective, convenient and reliable solution. We are fully certified, accredited with ISO 27001 in Information Security Management and PCI DSS certifications, as well as using highly secure, sophisticated security and encryption systems.


Offering an unrivalled level of expertise and specialised staff, BMIT is the go-to expert for online gaming organisations. We provide a one-stop shop, guaranteeing the best possible IT solutions for all online requirements. This includes advice and support for gaming-regulated jurisdictions, data, front-end and back-end services across different data centres, and a range of managed services.

Building an environment that’s right for you

It’s easy to think in a ‘cloud-first’ world that digital transformation is a simple step to the cloud, moving all workflows with a view to saving money. However, the opposite may be true in many cases. Not everything can be moved to the cloud, and it is crucial to understand exactly what you require, and the associated costs, before provisioning services.

We tailor solutions to the needs of each organisation we work with, and getting the right mix of technology is important. ‘Cloud’ can mean many things – public cloud – where services are owned by a third party; private cloud – services and infrastructure dedicated for your use, but managed by your service provider and residing within a datacentre; hybrid cloud – where private cloud is combined with one or more public cloud service; and multi-cloud – combining multiple clouds from different providers. Additionally, there are decisions to be made around whether equipment resides in a datacentre or is retained in your organisation, if it needs to be managed on a 24/7 basis, and in addition, planning for potential growth.

Hybrid IT solutions can make a real difference in the success of an IT ecosystem; spanning multiple cloud platforms and datacentres, as well as the organisation’s offices and facilities. All this sounds complex, and in many cases it is, and this is why advice and guidance on building a bespoke infrastructure is so important, to ascertain what kind of environment provides the cost savings, agility, efficiency and security that you need to move your organisation forward.

Ultimately, building and managing IT environments requires engaging with a service provider that has the right experience and expertise, but additionally the willingness to advise on the various options, risks, challenges – and opportunities – involved.

Security and efficiency

Building a secure and efficient solution is crucial to the success of an organisation. Security has evolved, with a growing need for organisations to become more resilient as attacks and threats become more sophisticated. Your security stance needs to cover data protection, user security, resilience to distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks as well as network security.

Additionally, your IT environment needs to be compliant; GDPR and similar laws require data protection and privacy, and contravention of these regulations can result in hefty fines or further penalties. Backup systems and disaster recovery plans are vital, and all this needs to protect and support the collaboration, real-time syncing and flexibility that remote workers require. We work with partners to build security into your IT systems, ensuring a robust security stance to protect your users.

No organisation can truly claim to have 100% expertise across the ever-increasing spectrum of IT infrastructure. This is where partnerships play a key role. For example, at BMIT Technologies, we work closely with partners such as HPE to ensure that we can provide the right advice, deploy the right solution and be able to manage and support you as required. Tapping into HPE’s extensive expertise means increased efficiencyand the provision of world-class solutions to our customer base.

Talk to our experts at BMIT who can advise you on the right IT infrastructure that best meets your business requirements and setup.

This article was originally posted on Cloud28 Plus.

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