Jul 01, 2013

Jul 01, 2013

Ready-to-use, fast & cost-effective ERP solution now on the Cloud

Malta leading IT Solutions Provider, Crimsonwing, together with BMIT Ltd, Malta’s leading Cloud Services Provider, today announced a joint partnership to offer an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution on the Cloud. This solution will help minimize costs in a fully managed private cloud computing environment based on Microsoft’s ERP solution Dynamics NAV. This system is scalable and flexible to support an organisation’s growing business needs for as little as €99 per user per month.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cloud is now being offered on a monthly subscription basis with no upfront software capital costs, and no expensive hardware to buy and maintain. This Cloud offering has been designed for companies of all sizes and industries. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers companies extended functionality for all business areas, including Finance Management, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and a host of other areas.

One of the great advantages of using a Cloud-based ERP Solution is to have all the functionalities of a robust tried-and-wwwed system available in-house and on the go, at a substantially lower cost. This means that companies can now access the NAV Cloud, from anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without investing in any hardware, or employing extra personnel to maintain it.

Stephen Abela, Head of Dynamics at Crimsonwing Malta commented, “With Microsoft Dynamics Cloud, businesses in Malta now have access to the very lawww technology, in an immediate and cost-effective way. The quick return on investment that companies can reap from Cloud Computing can put such companies on the leading edge and give them a competitive advantage.”

Another major benefit of migrating to Cloud Computing is that companies can use the most reliable computer applications suited to their needs, and pay only for what is used - that is a monthly fee attached to the number of users of the system. Crimsonwing and BMIT are now offering this ground-breaking solution for as little as 99€ per user per month for the first six months. Companies will be able to define which areas of their business would most benefit from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cloud as well as the number of users that will access the software.  

Crimsonwing‘s team of highly-skilled consultants can help users customize Dynamics NAV to the needs of their individual businesses, provide integration to current source data, whilst offering support throughout the migration to the new system.

“BMIT’s Cloud infrastructure allows small and large companies alike to have access to flexible and scalable IT and server resources on demand, and on a pay-per-use model.  Our collaboration with Crimsonwing will enable the possibility for businesses to access powerful ERP solutions without incurring the high infrastructure investment costs which an ERP solution usually requires,” added NickTonna, Chief Commercial Officer at BMIT said.

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