Dale Schembri

Jan 30, 2017


Dale Schembri

Jan 30, 2017

Outsourcing your IT Services Can Make All the Difference in your Business

From start-ups to larger entities, companies in all fields are rapidly coming to recognise the importance of having access to IT services – IT services that are not only competent but also equipped to aid your business in growing while running as efficiently as possible.

Yet, IT services are a resource like no other, and resources can be draining. For a company that does not specialise in any facet of IT or digital services, having an in-house IT branch can raise complications. Difficulties can range from figuring out from where to begin with staff training to understanding what kind of funding needs to be allocated; you might soon discover that you are not making full effective use of your IT branch.

Don’t be discouraged, however. Making use of a third-party IT services provider like BMIT is a sure way to make your company’s transition into becoming fully IT-integrated a seamless process, and will help you avoid missteps along the way.

Of course, it is not as easy as that. You need to know what kinds of managed data centre services are available to know what you need. No two companies are the same, which is why a tailor-made solution should always be made available in discussions with managed data centres.

Through any reputable managed data services entity, you can expect to have all your IT needs met. One essential facet of this is having your data housed and protected within the data centre itself; a feat achieved by using best-of-breed servers and with reliable backup systems in place. Naturally, you can expect security, as well as ensuring the smooth running of the handled data through a dedicated high-speed network.

Indeed, merely hosting the data is not enough. That is why BMIT offers fully inclusive system administration services, providing you with a guarantee that your company has access to proper IT services – not just a storage space. Some of these services include the installation of servers; web server management; backup processes; performance monitoring; and virus protection. Even these are simply scratching the surface of what proper IT system administration can provide.

Another important consideration is infrastructure management. After all, when it comes to managed IT services, we are not just talking software, but hardware too. The reality is that buying or leasing hardware is an added expense that can accumulate rather quickly. In other words, it is an expense that most companies would rather avoid.

BMIT will help you avoid buying hardware by making its infrastructure available to you – hardware that is as up-to-date with the lawww technologies as its software solutions are. This readily-available infrastructure enables us to offer infrastructure management with ease, and that involves overseeing the general management of the hardware and network, as well as taking care of load balancing and firewall management.

One thing that is essential to stress is that even though you will be making use of third party services, you should never be kept in the dark about the performance of your data operations, so make sure to ask for monthly reports in addition to all other support services.

These are all services that BMIT has offered to top entities in Malta, but our services have also made their way to international clients. Indeed, 2017 will see BMIT showcasing its products at ICE Totally Gaming in London between the 7-9th of February. ICE is one of the leading business conventions internationally, and with an attendance of nearly 30,000 people last year alone, BMIT is optimistic about the impact that ICE 2017 will have.

That impact might lead to new opportunities, but it would only be further validation that BMIT is the right company to handle all your managed IT service needs. Look no further if the services mentioned in this article strike you as services that could benefit your company.

Worries about cost are sure to surface, yet BMIT offers solutions that are a seamless combination of necessity and the client’s desired budget. Utilising the services of an IT-savvy third party will prove to be even more cost-effective, as you will avoid mismanaging time and money to set up an in-house IT team. IT services providers will help you discover what services are most vital to your operation.

We understand that different companies have specific goals which require different facets of IT handling, and while we believe it is important for any company to immerse itself in top IT practices, this does not require overstepping your budget. Of course, our aim is to give you the right stability to keep your company growing as efficiently in the digital age as possible.

This article was also featured on The Sunday Times of Malta

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