Mar 18, 2014

Mar 18, 2014

Outsourcing IT without disrupting business continuity

This article originally appeared on the March 16, 2014 edition of The Sunday Times of Malta - TECH SUNDAY.

Given the huge importance of data, proper data management is the cornerstone of any modern business, but not every organisation possesses the resources to develop an in-house IT solution that caters to their business needs.

Outsourcing part or all of your IT operations to a managed data centre that understands your business goals is imperative. The most common concern surrounding outsourcing is that business continuity will be lost when handing over your operations to an external provider.


This is not the case when entrusting your IT needs to a professional data centre that works hand-in-hand with your organisation to create a customised data solution. Ensuring that the company you entrust with your data understands the aims of your business is key to maintain continuity and make the outsourcing process as seamless as possible.

A managed data centre service lets you benefit from dedicated equipment and a team of experts, who will support you in all your data needs. You can outsource practically all aspects of your business’ IT requirements, from the infrastructure required to host your data to the actual day-to-day management of your outsourced solution.

The advantages of entrusting your data to a managed service is that information will be housed in a secure facility with a team of IT professionals available round-the-clock to provide you with any technical advice you need. The team will work to avoid unwanted downtime and help your system get back on track should disaster strike.

All IT outsourcing and managed services can be tailored to your business’ requirements, and both offsite and onsite support is provided whenever you need it. BMIT, as Malta’s leading data centre with the largest facility on the island, offers clients personalised and focused attention to suit their specific business needs.

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