Mar 18, 2014

Mar 18, 2014

New trends and Technologies: What are the latest advances in hosting that will have the biggest impact on the gaming sector?

This article originally appeared in the March/April issue of iGaming Business Magazine

What are the latest advances in hosting that will have the biggest impact on the gaming sector? 

The ascent of cloud computing is a factor which is having a great impact on gaming companies at the moment. Correspondingly, the newest trends in hosting services are mainly focused on harnessing the full potential of the cloud.

Hosting companies are looking into developing better the business applications of cloud-based computing by offering more services based on the cloud, as well as addressing any associated safety concerns.


Would you like some cloud with your hosting services?

Managed hosting is a must for any gaming company that needs to cater for high volumes of traffic and doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure to cope with this demand. 

Hosting is only part of the solution. Recent trends such as hybrid hosting-cloud services are increasing in popularity among gaming companies. These hybrid environments allow for better scalability and are more cost-effective for games where thousands of users are interacting simultaneously. 

An additional advantage of adding cloud storage to your managed hosting service means that you get all the personalised attention you need to tailor a cloud solution that fits exactly to your needs.


The increasing importance of cloud computing

Cloud computing plays a very important role in drastically reducing costs and increasing business agility. The type of cloud solution that is implemented by a company is closely related to its needs and to the nature of the business it conducts.

The rising popularity of the hybrid cloud solution is justified since it consists of a combination of private and public cloud services. This puts you in a better position to safeguard your company’s data thanks to the security and customisability of a private cloud, as well as taking advantage of the agility and lower costs of the public component.

BMIT offers a fully-customisable, reliable and flexible cloud solution and a dedicated team of professionals who can help you set up and manage your cloud system in no time.


Why cloud-based backup services add value to gaming providers

Most companies that offer cloud backup heavily promote this service by focusing on its simplicity and the ease of use. With an online backup, all your operations are automatically saved on an off-site server and you can manage how often this is done for periodic backups.

The process integrates seamlessly with your existing framework and provides operators with a safe and cost-effective backup solution that can be adapted according to their requirements. Many companies offer both a flat monthly subscription rate and a pay-as-you-go option for greater flexibility.

Cloud backup gives you extra reassurance in case of a data disaster. Recovery is easy and almost immediate since many services make redundant copies of your data which are stored in servers located in different geographical areas. The data is sent in an encrypted format and stored in facilities with various physical security measures in place.


How SaaS applications can reduce business costs

SaaS, notably cloud backup services, have allowed gaming operators to expand their businesses whilst reducing their operational costs. Other important applications of SaaS include hosted email and document storage and sharing.

These cloud-based services allow even the smallest outfits to meet their basic business needs without investing in expensive hardware. Hosted mail and documents allow employees to stay connected to the rest of the team even when they are on the move, making it easier for a company to expand its operations beyond its area. 

Documents hosted on cloud applications can be easily accessed from multiple workstations and mobile devices. Moreover, employees can collaborate in real-time on documents stored on the cloud and keep track of the changes made.


Standards certification for hosting services 

Finally, one of the most significant trends among hosting companies that cater for the gaming sector is the drive towards standards compliance and certification.

For example, BMIT is a ISO 27001-certified organisation, which means that all our systems comply with the stringent standards relating to information security as set out in this ISO specification. ISO 27001 provides specific guidelines about the implementation and maintenance of information risk management protocols, and is an essential requirement for hosting and management services looking to provide their clients with peace of mind.

PCI-DSS is an standard that aims to enhance the security of data transmitted through card payments for services rendered. Here at BMIT, we have a PCI-DSS certified online payment system which guarantees the safety of our clients’ information when they pay with their credit and debit cards for our services. This is another important certification which any business looking for a serious hosting service will be inquiring about.


Keep the game going 

The role of hosting services as key business partners to organisations in the gaming sector is increasingly evident through their ability to provide customisable and cost-effective solutions to their clients’ needs. 

This has to be done without compromising on safety and standards certification is one way hosting companies offer clients peace of mind when searching for the ideal cloud solution for their business.

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