Feb 16, 2015

Feb 16, 2015

Interested in adding on-demand Cloud services to your portfolio?

Your business, delivering next generation services

For a second imagine your company at the very cusp of technology, and providing services to customers instantly over the Internet. This is where we are today, and this is part of what it takes to leave an impression on our customers and provide services that truly enable businesses for the better – an intuitive and effortless user experience. Putting aside the warring elephants that provide such products and services worldwide, there are many niches that smaller service providers can take advantage of and make a big impact, and it is in this segment that our partner offering can help.

The Cloud is here to stay

The notion of companies moving to the Cloud is all too real. In 2014, over 43% of Cloud adopters wish they had made the change earlier, and all for good reason considering the strategic move from Capex to Opex for IT expenditure, higher SLA’s, the ability for companies to focus on core business, as well as on the fly changes to IT services and many more.

Grow your business into the Cloud

As a service provider, you may be questioning what the next evolutionary step in your company’s portfolio will be. BMIT believes that an IT company looking to increase customer stickiness while leveraging margins and developing its’ brand should adopt Cloud services as its new method to evangelize themselves in today’s market. Delivering an added array of services (in this case Cloud) can help provide customers with a well-rounded one stop shop portfolio, allowing your customers to consolidate more lines of IT engagement, to you.

Cloud Services, not Cloud Washing

Be wary though that Cloud as a buzzword is often overused today, justifiable as it may be, since the term can apply from simple virtualization to complex on demand systems. As a service provider what you should be looking for is an easy entry without the large investments in training and infrastructure, with the assistance of a partner with your go-to-market. Differentiation strategy may point towards a USP such as a locally deployed Cloud solution white-labelled under your brand. On demand services are key to a valuable customer experience and grows your business in bottom line as well as through market perception.

Beyond the Public Cloud

This new growth can be further boosted by enabling a suite of services that go beyond the public cloud and also include services such as private and hybrid cloud, as well as hosting, co-lo and managed IT services.
This may sound like a lot of build and buy effort, though by selecting an effective partner like BMIT, they can be realized with ease, speed and agility.

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