Oct 03, 2012

Oct 03, 2012

How can Hosted Exchange improve your business?

Email has become an absolutely mission critical part of your IT infrastructure. Let’s be honest, people panic when they’re cut off from their email, and with good reason; most of our communication happens by email. You can’t afford the risk of not getting emails from your customers or suppliers. What you need is a reliable email system that runs properly, 24×7 and which can connect your email, contacts and calendar to any mobile device. Accessing your email via internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome is also a necessity, while security and reliability are obviously paramount. To top it off, you need reliable support that answer queries quickly and fix any problems. Sound far-fetched? With BMIT and Microsoft Exchange it’s not.

Microsoft Exchange hosting was built to make the world a smaller place by letting your staff stay organised and in touch, wherever they are. There are countless tangible benefits to your business by using Microsoft Exchange.

Security is always an issue for companies, so choosing a proven and reliable Microsoft Exchange hosting provider is critical to your data being kept secure not only in transit but also when being stored in the cloud. Paying for a cheap hosted Exchange service could cost you dear if any important information is compromised in transit or stored at an insecure data centre or even worse, is in the hands of inexperienced staff.

Another major benefit of Exchange hosting is the ease of access it brings about. With Exchange you’re able to access your information on a wide number of platforms from almost any device, anywhere in the world, securely.

A third benefit is availability. Keeping your mail data at your offices might sound a natural thing to do until disaster strikes - power failures or surges, natural disasters or unauthorized access are just some of the many issues that can cause non availability of service or data for a long period, or potentially a permanent loss. By hosting your mail at a certified and reputable data centre you can avoid all this risk since such data centres go to great lengths to ensure the highest level of security and availability of services hosted at them.

Exchange also enhances the collaboration between employees. People working on the same project in different locations can rapidly and easily see updates made to calendars and schedules, thus leaving nobody guessing as to what developments have been made.

Increased productivity achieved by letting people communicate online from different locations is yet another advantage brought on with Exchange. Information can be shared much more quickly and in collaboration with others, anywhere they are in the world.

However, choosing the right Exchange hosting provider for you and your business needs is critical. Simply going for the cheapest option will cause all sorts of problems in future, especially in terms of security, reliability and lack of support at that important time of crisis which you never quite know when will hit.

Contact us to see how your business too can be improved with our Hosted Exchange. 

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